nasa_venus_005_topography_d.jpg Venus Mercator topographical map based on Magellan radar mapping.

The extended high region near the north pole is Ishtar Terra (about the size of Australia) of and the one near the equator is Aphrodite Terra (about the size of Africa. The terras are the continents of Venus and they rise above the lowland lava plains (Se-190,191).

Maxwell Montes is the red region on Ishtar Terra. It is the highest mountain range on Venus. Maxwell Montes rises about 11 km above the lowland plains. It was named for James Clerk Maxwell and are the only feature named for a male on Venus. Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism led to radar (after a 70 years) and so was fittingly honored on a radar map (Se-191).

Credit: NASA; download site: Views of the Solar System by Calvin J. Hamilton. CJH admits this is public domain, but declines to give a download source.