Orion & Taurus

Sky Maps

To the right, Flamstead's star map of Orion and Taurus. Credit: Linda Hall Library; more information.

  1. The Dome by Arnold Lesikar of St. Cloud State Univ. in Minnesota.


I've broken the links to images I've no right to display. Public domain or free use sky maps are extremely rare it seems. I guess one just has to create one's own.

  1. Constellations of the northern sky

    The northern constellations: a mid-winter night-time view judging from the position of old man Orion.

    Credit: Mount Wilson Observatory StarMap program by Bob Donahue. StarMap is fortran program, but it's been broke since 2000jan03. Download site: Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville Astro course; more precisely here.

  2. Constellations from the Great Celestial Atlases
  3. Eclipse map for 2001jun21 From the NASA eclipse archive I think.
  4. Zenith is at declination 90N This is dec30, 3h UT. Credit: Arnold V. Lesikar of St. Cloud State Univ. in Minnesota who runs the The Dome of the Sky web page: download source).