Quantum Mechanics

Erwin Schroedinger



  1. Kansas Quantum Tutorials    Seems sort of so-so.
  2. Rochester Wave Packets and the Classical Limit of Quantum Mechancis    by Carlos Stroud of the University of Rochester. Nice animations
  3. Syracuse Physics Simulations    There is a good simple harmonic oscillator applet. But they seem to jam netscape after awhile.
  4. Two-Slit and other Visualizations Seems good at the cute level.


  1. ``The wave nature of biomolecules and fluorofullerenes'' Hackermueller, L., et al. (Zeilinger, A.) 2003, Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 090408, quant-ph/0309016. Well even more massive particles continue to show quantum effects, though the fluorofullerenes show a bit of deviation from theory that may be just experimental error.
  2. ``Decoherence in a Talbot Lau interferometer: the influence of molecular scattering'' Hackermueller, L., et al. (Zeilinger, A.) 2003, quant-ph/0307238. This seems to me to be really important. They actually study the process of wave function collapse/decoherence. But it seems to me that all the fancy calculation of decoherence, the interaction is much like collapse.
  3. ``Violation of Locality Without Inequalities for Multiparticle Perfect Correlations'' 2003jul22, Chen et al. More intelligible than some papers.

Papers: Old way that didn't get very far.