How the heck do we have a course that teaches physics with a strong emphasis on physics problem solving skills. A course anyone can teach without special talent.

We don't have to reinvent wheel. Someone's done it. I just want a bloody page. Who, where, what?


  1. Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative
    1. research papers
    2. The 2011may13 Science paper, but the experiment was just a week, not a semester. Boy the new pedagogy stuff takes organization. Active learning is the buzzword. But we always knew it. To learn stuff, you have to think about the stuff. The approach is based on deliberate practice---some think it suffices, some think needs other things.
    3. Transforming Science Education at Large Research Universities 2010mar The department has to change.
  2. Moodle Why is this in this list. Who knows.

    1. The org itself.
    2. Wikipedia: Moodle---Moodle has social constructivist origins---golly.
  3. Physics Education: Wikipedia See Physics Education: Physics education research.
  4. Physics Teacher: Wikipedia
  5. Washington University in St Louis: Circle: Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education See Problem-Solving Skills in Introductory Physics.