• Mars from HST An HST image.
  • Geology Valles Marineris (the huge canyon) in the center and three massive volcanoes on the left in the Tharsis Bulge (Frak197).
  • Tharsis Bulge Four giant volcanos including Olympus Mons.
  • South Pole CO_2 ice on water ice. The CO_2 ice sublimes in the summer and refreezes in winter.
  • On the Surface A true color (?) Viking image from 1970s.
  • Phobos 27 km at longest. It has 7.3 hour revolution period and so rises west and sets east. It is a disk as seen from surface. Phobos and Deimos were both discovered in 1877 at perihelion opposition (Zei216).
  • Deimos 15 km at longest. Star-like from surface (Zei216).