These are art sites that offer images and other art related matter.

Note that the whole copyright issue for web images is a muddle. I've concluded one should just stay out of it. Use images that are explicitly public domain or explicitly free to use. Avoid any images where someone will feel agrieved that you are using them even if they have no legal right to feel agrieved. It's not worth worrying over grievous people.


  1. International Art Art international Robert Derome, University of Quebec, Montreal. Some good images with a lot of art historian contributers: Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo. No mention anywhere of copyright. Is this fear and loathing? Presumably all these images are thought to be public domain. A good discription of historical context is given.
  2. Jeffery, Adrian A review of painter Adrian Jeffery.
  3. Nightwatch Studio This is the site of painter Adrian Jeffery.
  4. WebMuseum, Paris A good site. There is also a good discussion of copyright issues. Alas copyright is fraught with trouble.