John W. Farley - Teaching

PHYS 181 Fall 20012

Tuesday_Thursday 2:30-3:45 BPB 106

The textbook is Physics: A Strategic Approach, 3/e, by Knight.

Students in this section will do their homework on-line.

IMPORTANT! Buy a NEW textbook at the bookstore,

which comes bundled with the "MasteringPhysics Student Access Kit".

This will enable you to use the MasteringPhysics on-line homework system.

Do NOT buy a used textbook, or you will have to purchase

a standalone version of MasteringPhysics Student Access Kit,

which is more expensive than getting it bundled with a new textbook.

For more details, go to the WebCampus site.

IN ADDITION: purchase an iclicker if you don't already

have one. You learn more, and they're lots of fun.


Talk at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Oct. 5, 2012

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