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Dealing With Emergency Situations

Emergency phone numbers
Emergency* 911  NOTE: DO NOT dial 8 (life-threatening emergency)
**Poison Control Center NEW TOLL-FREE: 8-1-800-848-6946  Also can dial 911 and ask for Poison Control Center
Maintenance Emergencies 895-4357 Plumbing, Electrical
Occupational Safety Offfice  895-4226 (Chemical, Laboratory and Environmental Safety Issues)
Public Safety (non-emergency) 895-3668 (Security, power outage)
Radiological Safety Office 895-4226 (Radioactive isotopes)

*Example: medical emergency, fire, smoke, burning smell, natural gas leak or smell, bomb threat.
* *Contact Poison Control Center for emergency treatment in case of exposure to to alkylating agents

Information to Be Provided in an Emergency Phone Call

  1. Location -- Room ____, Bigelow Physiccs Building
  2. What you see: Flame or smoke. Flame and smoke. Describe smell of smoke. Describe odor of gas. Specify if serious injuries are involved.
  3. What is burning or what was spilled. Flammable liquids (kind), combustibles (kind), toxic substances, etc. Quantity in room, if known.
  4. Name of caller
  5. Stay on phone untill dispatcher hangs up

Based on Duke University Chemistry Department web page.