Eight reasons to use a Mac, not Windows

April 28, 2008

(1) Macs don't crash. An application program can crash, but the operating system itself doesn't crash.

(2) Macs almost never get viruses or malware.

(3) Macs work better. You're don't have to become an expert in the operating system to use a Mac. You don't get hung up in "dll hell" hunting for drivers.

(4) Spotlight is a Mac feature that allows you to search files by content.

(5) Macs have a special strength for handling pictures, movies, sound, and graphics. The Reprographics Dept at my university is an all-Mac shop.

(6) Macs allow you to attached colored labels to files.

(7) If you are committed to a program that is only available in a Windows version, now there are ways to run a Windows program on a Mac.

(7A) Parallels 

(7B) VMWare 

(7C) Crossover

(7D) Bootcamp

(8) Time Machine allows automatic backup for the computer's hard disk. Time Machine is built into the Mac OS X Leopard operating system. Without automatic backup, in practice files are not backed up. According to David Pogue, only 4% of computer users back up their files regularly.


John W. Farley used Windows computers for two decades, but in January 2007 took the plunge and converted to Mac.