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I wrote an article for the lay public, "The Scientific Case for Modern Anthropogenic Global Warming", published in 2008, rebutting the heterodox opinions of journalist Alexander Cockburn. After the "climategate" uproar in November 2009, Cockburn forcefully restated his views, and in early 2010 I replied in another opinion piece along the same line. The Real Climate Wiki, which is "an index for debunking of various popular media occurrrences of climate-related nonsense," lists my essay as the definitive refutation of Alexander Cockburn's views. My 2008 article is cited in a Wikipedia article about climate sensitivity. Note that this is not a personal or political repudiation of Cockburn, but I emphatically disagree with him on this issue.

My 2008 essay was the lead-off essay in a chapter on "What Causes Global Warming", in a 2010 book on Global Warming, edited by David Haugen and published by Greenhaven Press. Chris Winter, author of a website To Open the Sky, "Debunking Denialist Arguments against AGW", lists my 2008 essay as one of 27 General References on global warming.

James Hansen is probably the world's most prominent climate scientist. I reviewed his popular book, "Storms of My Grandchildren" in 2010. My book review set off an exchange of views with the Southern California Federation of Scientists about nuclear power , published in 2011, which Hansen supports and many environmentalists oppose.

I blog occasionally at Rabbet Run on global warming and related topics. I am a guest contributor, by the good offices of Eli Rabbet, esteemed boss bunny, rodent-in-chief, and proprietor of the rabbet warren.

For example, on July 25, 2011, I asked the critical question, Who burgled the UEA in 'Climate-Gate'?

On January 15, 2011 I explained why the Las Vegas Review Journal will never win a Pulitzer prize for its editorial writing. I followed up on April 29, 2011, with "More Rejectionism at the las Vegas Review Journal". It gets tiresome after a while, like arguing with creationists.

In May 2012 I published a review-essay on The Inquisition of Climate Science, by James Lowell Powell. The essay was publicized on the Rabett Run blog, and picked up by a Brazilian blogger.

On June 13, 2012 I served as a panelist for the Nevada Conservation League, and summarized in five minutes the climate science supporting modern anthropogenic global warming. The text can be found on the Rabett Run blog, and a link to press coverage.

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