Marv Albert trivia test

OK, sports fans. Marvelous Marv is in foul trouble.

Here's the questions:
  1. What is the real name of Marv Albert?
  2. How many books have been written about the Marv Albert case?
  3. What is Marv Albert's connection to the Hampster Olympics?
  4. When did Marv and his girlfriend become engaged?
  5. What is the link between the Albert case and the O. J. Simpson case?
  6. What is the link between the Albert case and Fawn Hall?
  7. What did fans shout at Marvelous Marv after the indictment?
  8. So far, NBC is standing behind Marv Albert. Why?
  9. Before this incident, had Marv Albert committed any previous crime?
  10. What about Marv Albert's accuser?
  11. What did Marv Albert's wife do for a living before their marriage?
  12. What did Marv's ex-wife do for a living after their divorce?

Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. If your total is...

Last updated September 29, 1997