Kellermann's Kollectionns of
Trial Books
Last Updated 11/17/97

What are Kellermann's Kollectionns?

Kellermann's Kollectionns of
(In-)Famous & Celebrity Trial Books:

Rodney King, O.J. Simpson
Ruby Ridge, Waco, McVeigh, Unabomber
Menendez Brothers, Billionaire Boys Club
McMartin Preschool, Jim Bakker, Allan Bakke
Patty Hearst, Jean Harris, Susan Smith, JonBenet Ramsey
Sam Sheppard, Claus von Bulow, Bernhard Goetz, Mike Tyson
Jeffrey MacDonald, Jeffrey Dahmer, & Other Trials

Kellermann's Kollectionns of
Helpful Trial Background Books:

Trial Advocacy, Juries, Communication, Language, Media
Openings, Closings, Questioning, Witnesses, Testifying
Attorneys, Defendants, Judges, Law Enforcement, Forensics
Race, Extremist Groups
Gender, Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse
Legal Reform, Victim's Rights, Legal Practice

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Compiled & maintained by Kathy Kellermann
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