Qiang Zhu

Qiang Zhu

Assistant Professor @ UNLV


Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Las Vagas, NV, 89154-4002








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2009-2013 - PhD in Geosciences, SUNY Stony Brook.
2003-2007 - B.S. in Materials Sciences Engineering, Beihang University

Research interests

Materials under extreme conditions

Organic crystal polymorphism

Matrials defects

Molecular dynamic simulation and Phase transitions


Book Chapter

[3] Zhu Q, Oganov AR, Zeng QF,Zhou XF (2016) Structure prediction and its application in Computational Materials Design. Chem. Model12, 219-248

[2] Zhu Q, Oganov AR, Zhou XF (2014) Crystal structure prediction and its application in Earth and Materials Sciences. Topics in Current Chemistry

[1] Oganov AR, Lyakhov AO, Zhu Q (2013) Theory of Superhard Materials. Comprehensive Hard Materials. 3, 59-79

Selected Peer Reviewed Paper

[12] Zhu, Q., Shtukenberg, A. G., et al (2016). Resorcinol Crystallization from the Melt: A New Ambient Phase and New Riddles J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138, 4881-4889

[11] Meng, X., Wang, L., Liu, D., Wen, X., Zhu, Q., Goddard III, W. A., An, Q. (2016). Discovery of Fe2P-type Ti (Zr/Hf) 2O6 Photocatalysts toward Water Splitting. Chem. Mater. , 28, 1335-1342

[10] Zhu, Q., Oganov, A. R., Lyakhov, A. O., Yu, X-X. (2015). Generalized evolutionary metadynamics for sampling the energy landscapes and its applications. Phys. Rev. B , 92, 024106

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PhD Thesis

Crystal structure prediction and its application in Earth and Materials Sciences (pdf) (html)

Stony Brook University, 2013

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