Leo Kottke

Leo Kottke is the most amazing guitarist I have heard. Check out his '6 and 12 String Guitar', 'Greenhouse', 'Live', 'Great Big Boy' and 'A Shout Towards Noon'. Actually, you should just go out and buy all his albums, then buy some for your friends. With Kottke, the more often you hear him, the more you're going to like him. 'The Ice Field' is a song about Duluth, where I was born.

Leo's publisher 'Private Music' has done a nice website for him. They include some clips from his songs, a discography and a tour schedule. Whereas, B.A. Head has the most complete website I've seen on any subject, it so happens that his is on Leo Kottke.

Some Leo Kottke pages

Leo Kottke's Private Music Homepage
Entrance to Unofficial Web Site for Leo Kottke, Acoustic Guitarist