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Vacancies in a-Si:

We study vacancies in amorphous silicon using a tight-binding molecular-dynamics method. The physical properties of vacancies in amorphous silicon such as electronic density of states and volume change of the vacancy are investigated. Bond angle deviations, charge density of adjacent atoms near the vacancy, and their correlations are also discussed. Similarities and differences from vacancy in crystalline silicon will be discussed in detail. We further study the dynamics of vacancies in amorphous silicon. No migration is observed at room temperature and even at 450K, although vacancies with higher density can be annihilated even at room temperature. Divacancy in amorphous Si will be further discussed.

Further reading:

E. Kim et al., "Vacancies in amorphous silicon: A tight-binding molecular-dynamics simulation ", Phys. Rev. B. 59, 2713 (1999).

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