"Corrosion Test ..." N. Li, X. He, A. Rusanov, and A. P. Demishonkov LA-UR-01-5241

(note - the JNM article should have this as an open literature reference)

This article is the original source of the test conditions, sample composition and provenance, and results from the IPPE studies. Of particular interest for this paper is the table of compositions, the experimental conditions, and table 4 - corrosion depth. From the corrosion depth plot we can connect to the 316 paper, discuss the differences in composition (lower Cr, same Si, Mo and Ti added). We can note that in terms of average corrosion rate, higher Cr leads to lower corrosion. We can put in the caveat that we saw both duplex and thin oxide in the case of low exposure D9.

Reviewed by Allen