Leibowitz, L.; Blomquist, R. A. Thermal conductivity and thermal expansion of stainless steels D9 and HT9. International Journal of Thermophysics (1988), 9(5), 873-83. CODEN: IJTHDY ISSN:0195-928X. CAN 110:180454 AN 1989:180454 CAPLUS

Thermal conductivity and thermal expansion of D9 and HT9 were measured from 400 to 1200K. The devices used in the experiment are Netzsch Inc. Model 402 dilatometer (for measuring thermal expansion) and Dynatech Corp. Model TCFCM-N20 thermal conductivity instrument. The thermal expansion of D9 showed slightly greater than that of 316 SS. There was no phase transition. While HT9 thermal expansion data showed a transition at about 1050K. Thermal conductivity of D9 increased when the temperature went up. From 400 to 800K, the thermal conductivity of D9 was close to that of 316 SS then it was smaller than that of 316 SS after 800K. The thermal conductivity of HT9 was compared with that of 410SS. Both of their graph have the same shape but HT9 thermal conductivity was significantly smaller.

Summary by Thao