Abstract: Static corrosion tests of various steels were conducted in oxygen-saturated liquid Pb-Bi eutectic at 450 degrees C and 550 degrees C for 3000 h to study the effects of temperature and alloying elements on corrosion behavior in liquid Pb-Bi. Corrosion depth decreases at 450 degrees C with increasing Cr content in steels regardless of ferritic/martensitic steels or austenitic steels. Appreciable dissolution of Ni and Cr does not occur in the three austenitic steels at 450 degrees C. Corrosion depth of ferritic/martensitic steels also decreases at 550 degrees C with increasing Cr content in steels whereas corrosion depth of austenitic steels, JPCA and 316SS becomes larger due to ferritization caused by dissolution of Ni at 550 degrees C than that of ferritic/martensitic steels. An austenitic stainless steel containing about 5%Si exhibits fine corrosion resistance at 550 degrees C because the protective Si oxide film is formed and prevents dissolution of Ni and Cr. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.