The temperature dependence of lattice parameter and enthalpy increment of alloy D9, a titanium modified nuclear grade austenitic stainless steel were studied using high temperature X-ray diffraction and inverse drop calorimetry techniques, respectively. A smooth variation of the lattice parameter of the austenite with temperature was found. The instantaneous and mean linear thermal expansion coefficients at 1350 K were estimated to be 2.12 x 10(-5) K-1 and 1.72 x 10(-5) K-1, respectively. The measured enthalpy data were made use of in estimating heat capacity, entropy and Gibbs energy values. The estimated isobaric heat capacity C-p at 298 K was found to be 406 J kg(-1) K-1. An integrated theoretical analysis of the thermal expansion and enthalpy data was performed to obtain approximate values of bulk modulus as a function of temperature. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.