David Schippers, chief investigative counsel for the House Judiciary Committee, carried out a long affair with his office manager, Nancy Ruggero. The affair began in the early 1970's, and lasted for a quarter of a century. The affair ended only when Nancy Ruggero finally tired of Schippers' promises to leave his wife, ended the affair, and married Al Tracy, a former IRS investigator. At the wedding, it was Schippers who walked Nancy down the aisle. Schippers, now 69, and his wife Jackie have been married for 45 years. Schippers has 10 children, and is a papal knight, an honor granted to only a few hundred Catholics. As Schippers summed up the prosecution's case against Clinton, Schippers' wife looked on. And so did his ex-mistress Nancy Ruggero, and her husband Al. Now that's family values! This valuable information comes from the Feb 16, 1999 National Enquirer, a well-informed source on such matters. (CLINTON PROSECUTOR BROUGHT HIS MISTRESS TO IMPEACHMENT HEARING).