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We try to be comprehensive, but we may not have found all of them!
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Last updated February 20, 1997.



Other lawyers

  • Maya Hamburger, representing Marguerite Simpson Thomas. That's her real name! Now if Maya Hamburger married Felix Frankfurter (former Supreme Court justice), her name would be Maya Hamburger Frankfurter. Before some irate reader sends an email with the nit-picking objection that such a thing is impossible, because Frankfurter is DEAD, let me quickly point something out: In California, minor obstacles like this do not impede a celebrity marriage. For example, it wouldn't stop Anna Nicole Smith.
  • Robert Tourtelot, one of Mark Fuhrman's lawyers.
  • Daniel Petrocelli, lawyer for the Brown and Goldman families in the civil case.
  • This page is still under construction because we may not have found all the lawyers. However, we have found quite a few of them. Thanks to Judy M., self-confessed trial addict, for providing five names. Thanks also to M. L. R. for providing nine (!!) names! Thanks also to Mike Fairbanks.