Nicole Brown Simpson had breast implants

This topic is discussed in the book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The private Diary of a Life Interrupted, by Faye D. Resnick with Mike Walker. In the chapter entitled Beverly Hill Breasts, she writes "Nicole loved her breasts, and wondered how she ever got along without them."

At one point in the trial, the defense team attempted to raise the issue of whether or not Detective Mark Furman knew that Nicole had breast implants.

It turns out that Faye Resnick also had breast implants, so that answer will also be counted as correct. Ms. Resnick recently said, "That I had breast implants is the only true statement to come out of Johnnie Cochran's mouth since the trial began".

By the way, many women have sued the manufacturer, Dow Corning, over the safety of breast implants. If Faye Resnick sues, her attorney will not be Johnnie Cochran. One final note: feminist poet Katha Pollitt once remarked that the safety of breast implants would not have received nearly as much media attention if the issue were orthopedic shoes.