Johnnie Cochran is representing victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. Along with Oklahoma City lawyer John Merritt, Cochran sued ICI Explosives, the manufacturers of the ammonium nitrate fertilizer that was used in the bomb. Damages sought could have been as high as $1B. Their argument is that the manufacturers failed to add materials to the fertilizer which would make it fizzle rather than explode. Such materials are added to ammonium nitrate in Great Britain after a number of IRA bombings. UPDATE! Chemical and Engineering News of July 15, 1996 reports that Federal judge David L. Russell dismissed the lawsuit, saying that the bombing victims had failed to show that they had claims against ICI for "negligence...negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, manufacturers' products liability, strict liability for ultrahazardous of abnormally dangerous activity, fraud, and deceit." The plaintiff's attorneys say they plan to appeal.