Kellermann's Kollectionn of:
Last Updated 08/27/97

  1. Association of American Law Schools. (1996). Evidence Learning From the Simpson Trial (1996 AALS annual meeting, San Antonio, Texas, recorded Jan 3-7, 1996, Tape 65 & 66). Millersville, MD: Recorded Resources Corp. (2 audiotapes)

  2. Benedetti, Quint & Scher, Dick. (1994). I Want O.J. Simpson (Underneath My Christmas Tree). San Luis Rey, CA: House of Quinto Music. (music score).

  3. Dershowitz, Alan. (199?). Understanding Criminal Justice: The Criminal Justice System After the O.J. Simpson Case. Baltimore, MD: ReAL, Ltd. (Smithsonian audio program) (audiotape, 78 min.)

  4. Dietz, Corey, & Hamilton, Jay. (1994). 'I'm Dreaming of a White Bronco' (The O.J. Holiday Album). N. Olmsted, OH: Winning Edge Productions & Software.

  5. Evidance. (1994). Tell Me O.J.. Written by Robert Audet and Keith McKenna. ----: Flex Records. (audiotape; rap music)

  6. The Impartial Jury (Deitz, Corey, & Hamilton, Jay). I'm Dreaming of a White Bronco. N. Olmsted, OH: Winning Edge Productions & Software. (audiotape)

  7. Johnson, Frank O. (1996). O.J. I'm Guilty. Pearl, MS: Ace Reid Enterprises. (CD)

  8. Mahoney, John Culliton, & Gordon, Patrick Arthur. (1994). Every Young Boy's Dream: Ballad of O.J.. Buffalo, NY: Amherst Records. (audiotape)

  9. May, Julian. (1974). O.J. Simpson: Juice on the Gridiron. St. Paul, MN: EMC Corp. (34 mins.) (1 audiocassette/2-track/mono)

  10. Oates, David John. (1996). Introduction to Reverse Speech. Bonsall, CA: Reverse Speech Enterprises. (Audiotape with examples of reversals including OJ's post-trial interview on BET.)

  11. Oates, David John. (1996). Reverse Speech: The Voice of Truth. A Four Cassette Album. Bonsall, CA: Reverse Speech Enterprises. [especially see "Tape 4: Crime and Punishment: Reverse Speech -- The Ultimate Truth Detector. Including OJ Simpson, John F. Kennedy assisination."] (Audiotapes)

  12. Scott, Ken. (1994). What Will The Verdict Say? Ballad of O.J. Simpson. Laurel, DE: Laurel Records. (audiotape)

  13. Shearer, Harry. (1995). O.J. On Trial: The Early Years. Los Angeles, CA: Progress Productions. (CD)

  14. Sweet MSJ. (1994). O.J. Didn't Do It (c.o.n.-- spiracy). Boynton, FL: Street Street Communications. (CD) (rap music)

  15. -------. (1996). Jilted Buffalo Bill. Brentwood, CA: DreamTeam Records.

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