AST 103 Sect. 001 and 002 Spring 2009

Introductory Astronomy Course: The Solar System.

Classes M/W

Daniel Proga
BPB Room 240
(702) 895-3507

pdf files

Syllabus for sect. 001 AST103
Syllabus for sect. 002 AST103

Week 1
lecture 1a(pdf)
lecture 1b(pdf)

Week 2
M.L. King Jr. Day
lecture 2(pdf)

Week 3
lecture 3a(pdf)
lecture 3b(pdf)

Week 4
lecture 4a(pdf)
lecture 4b(pdf)

Week 5
REVIEW 1(pdf)

Week 6 President's Day
lecture 6(pdf)

Week 7
lecture 7a(pdf)
lecture 7b(pdf)

Week 8
lecture 8a(pdf)
lecture 8b(pdf)

Week 9
lecture 9a is continuation of lecture 8b (pdf)
REVIEW 2(pdf)

Week 10
Test 2
lecture 10(pdf)

Week 11
lecture 11a is continuation of lecture 10 (pdf)
lecture 11b(pdf)

Week 12
lecture 12a is continuation of lecture 11b (pdf)
lecture 12b(pdf)

Week 13

Week 14
lecture 14a (pdf)
lecture 14b(pdf)

Week 15
REVIEW 3(pdf)

Important Dates:

First Test (Ch. 1-4 and S1) on Wednesday, Feb. 11

Second Test (Ch. 5-9) on Monday, March 16

Third Test (Ch. 10-13 and 24) on Wednesday, April 22

Final Exam (Ch. 1-13, 24, and S1, comprehensive exam) on Monday, May 04

These pages require Adobe Reader to read the pdf files, it is available here.