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1 2006ApJ...642..354Z
725.00005/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing; Fan, Y. Z.; Dyks, Jaroslaw; Kobayashi, Shiho; Mészáros, Peter; Burrows, David N.; Nousek, John A.; Gehrels, Neil
Physical Processes Shaping Gamma-Ray Burst X-Ray Afterglow Light Curves: Theoretical Implications from the Swift X-Ray Telescope Observations

2 2004IJMPA..19.2385Z
607.00000/2004A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter
Gamma-Ray Bursts: progress, problems & prospects

3 2006Natur.442.1008C
562.00008/2006A      E          L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Campana, S.; Mangano, V.; Blustin, A. J.; Brown, P.; Burrows, D. N.; Chincarini, G.; Cummings, J. R.; Cusumano, G.; Della Valle, M.; Malesani, D.; and 29 coauthors
The association of GRB 060218 with a supernova and the evolution of the shock wave

4 2005Natur.437..851G
427.00010/2005A      E          L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Gehrels, N.; Sarazin, C. L.; O'Brien, P. T.; Zhang, B.; Barbier, L.; Barthelmy, S. D.; Blustin, A.; Burrows, D. N.; Cannizzo, J.; Cummings, J. R.; and 67 coauthors
A short γ-ray burst apparently associated with an elliptical galaxy at redshift z = 0.225

5 2005Sci...309.1833B
400.00009/2005A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Burrows, D. N.; Romano, P.; Falcone, A.; Kobayashi, S.; Zhang, B.; Moretti, A.; O'Brien, P. T.; Goad, M. R.; Campana, S.; Page, K. L.; and 24 coauthors
Bright X-ray Flares in Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows

6 2008Natur.455..183R
376.00009/2008A      E          L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Racusin, J. L.; Karpov, S. V.; Sokolowski, M.; Granot, J.; Wu, X. F.; Pal'Shin, V.; Covino, S.; van der Horst, A. J.; Oates, S. R.; Schady, P.; and 83 coauthors
Broadband observations of the naked-eye γ-ray burst GRB080319B

7 2011ApJ...726...90Z
364.00001/2011A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing; Yan, Huirong
The Internal-collision-induced Magnetic Reconnection and Turbulence (ICMART) Model of Gamma-ray Bursts

8 2006ApJ...647.1213O
347.00008/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
O'Brien, P. T.; Willingale, R.; Osborne, J.; Goad, M. R.; Page, K. L.; Vaughan, S.; Rol, E.; Beardmore, A.; Godet, O.; Hurkett, C. P.; and 22 coauthors
The Early X-Ray Emission from GRBs

9 2001ApJ...552L..35Z
347.00005/2001A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter
Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow with Continuous Energy Injection: Signature of a Highly Magnetized Millisecond Pulsar

10 2011Natur.476..421B
291.00008/2011A      E          L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Burrows, D. N.; Kennea, J. A.; Ghisellini, G.; Mangano, V.; Zhang, B.; Page, K. L.; Eracleous, M.; Romano, P.; Sakamoto, T.; Falcone, A. D.; and 48 coauthors
Relativistic jet activity from the tidal disruption of a star by a massive black hole

11 2007ChJAA...7....1Z
291.00002/2007A          F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing
Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era

12 2015PhR...561....1K
287.00002/2015A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Kumar, Pawan; Zhang, Bing
The physics of gamma-ray bursts & relativistic jets

13 2005Natur.438..994B
280.00012/2005A      E          L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Barthelmy, S. D.; Chincarini, G.; Burrows, D. N.; Gehrels, N.; Covino, S.; Moretti, A.; Romano, P.; O'Brien, P. T.; Sarazin, C. L.; Kouveliotou, C.; and 21 coauthors
An origin for short γ-ray bursts unassociated with current star formation

14 2010ApJ...720.1513K
259.00009/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Kann, D. A.; Klose, S.; Zhang, B.; Malesani, D.; Nakar, E.; Pozanenko, A.; Wilson, A. C.; Butler, N. R.; Jakobsson, P.; Schulze, S.; and 66 coauthors
The Afterglows of Swift-era Gamma-ray Bursts. I. Comparing pre-Swift and Swift-era Long/Soft (Type II) GRB Optical Afterglows

15 2003ApJ...595..950Z
221.00010/2003A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Kobayashi, Shiho; Mészáros, Peter
Gamma-Ray Burst Early Optical Afterglows: Implications for the Initial Lorentz Factor and the Central Engine

16 2005Natur.436..985T
216.00008/2005A      E          L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Tagliaferri, G.; Goad, M.; Chincarini, G.; Moretti, A.; Campana, S.; Burrows, D. N.; Perri, M.; Barthelmy, S. D.; Gehrels, N.; Krimm, H.; and 25 coauthors
An unexpectedly rapid decline in the X-ray afterglow emission of long γ-ray bursts

17 2007ApJ...662.1093W
215.00006/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Willingale, R.; O'Brien, P. T.; Osborne, J. P.; Godet, O.; Page, K. L.; Goad, M. R.; Burrows, D. N.; Zhang, B.; Rol, E.; Gehrels, N.; Chincarini, G.
Testing the Standard Fireball Model of Gamma-Ray Bursts Using Late X-Ray Afterglows Measured by Swift

18 2007ApJ...662.1111L
209.00006/2007A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Liang, Enwei; Zhang, Bing; Virgili, Francisco; Dai, Z. G.
Low-Luminosity Gamma-Ray Bursts as a Unique Population: Luminosity Function, Local Rate, and Beaming Factor

19 2009ApJ...703.1696Z
208.00010/2009A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Virgili, Francisco J.; Liang, En-Wei; Kann, D. Alexander; Wu, Xue-Feng; Proga, Daniel; Lv, Hou-Jun; Toma, Kenji; Mészáros, Peter; and 3 coauthors
Discerning the Physical Origins of Cosmological Gamma-ray Bursts Based on Multiple Observational Criteria: The Cases of z = 6.7 GRB 080913, z = 8.2 GRB 090423, and Some Short/Hard GRBs

20 2007ApJ...671.1903C
202.00012/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Chincarini, G.; Moretti, A.; Romano, P.; Falcone, A. D.; Morris, D.; Racusin, J.; Campana, S.; Covino, S.; Guidorzi, C.; Tagliaferri, G.; and 18 coauthors
The First Survey of X-Ray Flares from Gamma-Ray Bursts Observed by Swift: Temporal Properties and Morphology

21 2006Sci...311.1127D
201.00002/2006A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Dai, Z. G.; Wang, X. Y.; Wu, X. F.; Zhang, B.
X-ray Flares from Postmerger Millisecond Pulsars

22 2005ApJ...633..611L
199.00011/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Liang, Enwei; Zhang, Bing
Model-independent Multivariable Gamma-Ray Burst Luminosity Indicator and Its Possible Cosmological Implications

23 2002ApJ...571..876Z
199.00006/2002A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter
Gamma-Ray Burst Beaming: A Universal Configuration with a Standard Energy Reservoir?

24 2006A&A...456..917R
192.00009/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Romano, P.; Campana, S.; Chincarini, G.; Cummings, J.; Cusumano, G.; Holland, S. T.; Mangano, V.; Mineo, T.; Page, K. L.; Pal'Shin, V.; and 28 coauthors
Panchromatic study of GRB 060124: from precursor to afterglow

25 2006ApJ...636L..29P
187.00001/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Perna, Rosalba; Armitage, Philip J.; Zhang, Bing
Flares in Long and Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: A Common Origin in a Hyperaccreting Accretion Disk

26 2002ApJ...581.1236Z
187.00012/2002A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter
An Analysis of Gamma-Ray Burst Spectral Break Models

27 2009ApJ...693.1610G
185.00003/2009A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Greiner, J.; Krühler, T.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Rossi, A.; Schwarz, R.; Klose, S.; Savaglio, S.; Tanvir, N. R.; McBreen, S.; Totani, T.; and 37 coauthors
GRB 080913 at Redshift 6.7

28 2007ApJ...665..599T
180.00008/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Troja, E.; Cusumano, G.; O'Brien, P. T.; Zhang, B.; Sbarufatti, B.; Mangano, V.; Willingale, R.; Chincarini, G.; Osborne, J. P.; Marshall, F. E.; and 15 coauthors
Swift Observations of GRB 070110: An Extraordinary X-Ray Afterglow Powered by the Central Engine

29 2011ApJ...734...96K
179.00006/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Kann, D. A.; Klose, S.; Zhang, B.; Covino, S.; Butler, N. R.; Malesani, D.; Nakar, E.; Wilson, A. C.; Antonelli, L. A.; Chincarini, G.; and 14 coauthors
The Afterglows of Swift-era Gamma-Ray Bursts. II. Type I GRB versus Type II GRB Optical Afterglows

30 2007ApJ...655..989Z
179.00002/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing; Liang, Enwei; Page, Kim L.; Grupe, Dirk; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Barthelmy, Scott D.; Burrows, David N.; Campana, Sergio; Chincarini, Guido; Gehrels, Neil; and 10 coauthors
GRB Radiative Efficiencies Derived from the Swift Data: GRBs versus XRFs, Long versus Short

31 2009ApJ...698...43R
178.00006/2009A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Racusin, J. L.; Liang, E. W.; Burrows, D. N.; Falcone, A.; Sakamoto, T.; Zhang, B. B.; Zhang, B.; Evans, P.; Osborne, J.
Jet Breaks and Energetics of Swift Gamma-Ray Burst X-Ray Afterglows

32 2005ApJ...628..315Z
170.00007/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing; Kobayashi, Shiho
Gamma-Ray Burst Early Afterglows: Reverse Shock Emission from an Arbitrarily Magnetized Ejecta

33 2011ApJS..195....2S
161.00007/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Sakamoto, T.; Barthelmy, S. D.; Baumgartner, W. H.; Cummings, J. R.; Fenimore, E. E.; Gehrels, N.; Krimm, H. A.; Markwardt, C. B.; Palmer, D. M.; Parsons, A. M.; and 5 coauthors
The Second Swift Burst Alert Telescope Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog

34 2000ApJ...532.1150Z
159.00004/2000A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Harding, Alice K.
Full Polar Cap Cascade Scenario: Gamma-Ray and X-Ray Luminosities from Spin-powered Pulsars

35 2006ApJ...646..351L
157.00007/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Liang, E. W.; Zhang, B.; O'Brien, P. T.; Willingale, R.; Angelini, L.; Burrows, D. N.; Campana, S.; Chincarini, G.; Falcone, A.; Gehrels, N.; and 8 coauthors
Testing the Curvature Effect and Internal Origin of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emissions and X-Ray Flares with Swift Data

36 2007ApJ...670..565L
156.00011/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Liang, En-Wei; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing
A Comprehensive Analysis of Swift XRT Data. II. Diverse Physical Origins of the Shallow Decay Segment

37 2011ApJ...730..141Z
155.00004/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing; Liang, En-Wei; Fan, Yi-Zhong; Wu, Xue-Feng; Pe'er, Asaf; Maxham, Amanda; Gao, He; Dong, Yun-Ming
A Comprehensive Analysis of Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Data. I. Spectral Components and the Possible Physical Origins of LAT/GBM GRBs

38 2007ApJ...655L..25Z
152.00001/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Liang, En-Wei; Gehrels, Neil; Burrows, David N.; Mészáros, Peter
Making a Short Gamma-Ray Burst from a Long One: Implications for the Nature of GRB 060614

39 2006ApJ...641.1010F
152.00004/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Falcone, A. D.; Burrows, D. N.; Lazzati, D.; Campana, S.; Kobayashi, S.; Zhang, B.; Mészáros, P.; Page, K. L.; Kennea, J. A.; Romano, P.; and 21 coauthors
The Giant X-Ray Flare of GRB 050502B: Evidence for Late-Time Internal Engine Activity

40 2010ApJ...709L.172R
151.00002/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Ryde, F.; Axelsson, M.; Zhang, B. B.; McGlynn, S.; Pe'er, A.; Lundman, C.; Larsson, S.; Battelino, M.; Zhang, B.; Bissaldi, E.; and 12 coauthors
Identification and Properties of the Photospheric Emission in GRB090902B

41 2008ApJ...675..528L
146.00003/2008A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Liang, En-Wei; Racusin, Judith L.; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Burrows, David N.
A Comprehensive Analysis of Swift XRT Data. III. Jet Break Candidates in X-Ray and Optical Afterglow Light Curves

42 2001ApJ...559..110Z
143.00009/2001A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter
High-Energy Spectral Components in Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows

43 2006ApJ...638..920V
141.00002/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Vaughan, S.; Goad, M. R.; Beardmore, A. P.; O'Brien, P. T.; Osborne, J. P.; Page, K. L.; Barthelmy, S. D.; Burrows, D. N.; Campana, S.; Cannizzo, J. K.; and 23 coauthors
Swift Observations of the X-Ray-Bright GRB 050315

44 2010ApJ...725.2209L
140.00012/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Liang, En-Wei; Yi, Shuang-Xi; Zhang, Jin; Lü, Hou-Jun; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing
Constraining Gamma-ray Burst Initial Lorentz Factor with the Afterglow Onset Feature and Discovery of a Tight Γ0-E γ,iso Correlation

45 2006MNRAS.370L..61P
137.00007/2006A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Proga, Daniel; Zhang, Bing
The late time evolution of gamma-ray bursts: ending hyperaccretion and producing flares

46 2008ApJS..175..179S
135.00003/2008A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Sakamoto, T.; Barthelmy, S. D.; Barbier, L.; Cummings, J. R.; Fenimore, E. E.; Gehrels, N.; Hullinger, D.; Krimm, H. A.; Markwardt, C. B.; Palmer, D. M.; and 6 coauthors
The First Swift BAT Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog

47 2006ApJ...653..468B
130.00012/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Burrows, David N.; Grupe, Dirk; Capalbi, Milvia; Panaitescu, Alin; Patel, Sandeep K.; Kouveliotou, Chryssa; Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter; Chincarini, Guido; Gehrels, Neil; Wijers, Ralph A. M.
Jet Breaks in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts. II. The Collimated Afterglow of GRB 051221A

48 2007ApJ...666.1002Z
128.00009/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Zhang, Bin-Bin; Liang, En-Wei; Zhang, Bing
A Comprehensive Analysis of Swift XRT Data. I. Apparent Spectral Evolution of Gamma-Ray Burst X-Ray Tails

49 2014ApJ...780L..21Z
126.00001/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
A Possible Connection between Fast Radio Bursts and Gamma-Ray Bursts

50 2002ApJ...578..812M
125.00010/2002A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U  H  
Mészáros, P.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; Rees, M. J.; Zhang, B.
X-Ray-rich Gamma-Ray Bursts, Photospheres, and Variability

51 2005ApJ...631..429I
124.00009/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Ioka, Kunihito; Kobayashi, Shiho; Zhang, Bing
Variabilities of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows: Long-acting Engine, Anisotropic Jet, or Many Fluctuating Regions?

52 2009ApJ...700L..65Z
123.00008/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing; Pe'er, Asaf
Evidence of an Initially Magnetically Dominated Outflow in GRB 080916C

53 2004ApJ...601L.119Z
114.00002/2004A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Dai, Xinyu; Lloyd-Ronning, Nicole M.; Mészáros, Peter
Quasi-universal Gaussian Jets: A Unified Picture for Gamma-Ray Bursts and X-Ray Flashes

54 2002ApJ...566..712Z
112.00002/2002A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter
Gamma-Ray Bursts with Continuous Energy Injection and Their Afterglow Signature

55 2006ApJ...637..901B
110.00002/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Blustin, A. J.; Band, D.; Barthelmy, S.; Boyd, P.; Capalbi, M.; Holland, S. T.; Marshall, F. E.; Mason, K. O.; Perri, M.; Poole, T.; and 55 coauthors
Swift Panchromatic Observations of the Bright Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 050525a

56 2014JHEAp...3....1Y
106.00009/2014A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Yuan, Qiang; Zhang, Bing
Millisecond pulsar interpretation of the Galactic center gamma-ray excess

57 2004ApJ...613.1072R
105.00010/2004A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U  H  
Razzaque, Soebur; Mészáros, Peter; Zhang, Bing
GeV and Higher Energy Photon Interactions in Gamma-Ray Burst Fireballs and Surroundings

58 2003ApJ...582L..75K
104.00001/2003A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Kobayashi, Shiho; Zhang, Bing
GRB 021004: Reverse Shock Emission

59 2010MNRAS.409..531R
103.00012/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Rowlinson, A.; O'Brien, P. T.; Tanvir, N. R.; Zhang, B.; Evans, P. A.; Lyons, N.; Levan, A. J.; Willingale, R.; Page, K. L.; Onal, O.; and 9 coauthors
The unusual X-ray emission of the short Swift GRB 090515: evidence for the formation of a magnetar?

60 2007A&A...470..105M
103.00007/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Mangano, V.; Holland, S. T.; Malesani, D.; Troja, E.; Chincarini, G.; Zhang, B.; La Parola, V.; Brown, P. J.; Burrows, D. N.; Campana, S.; and 15 coauthors
Swift observations of GRB 060614: an anomalous burst with a well behaved afterglow

61 2006ApJ...653..462G
102.00012/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Grupe, Dirk; Burrows, David N.; Patel, Sandeep K.; Kouveliotou, Chryssa; Zhang, Bing; Mészáros, Peter; Wijers, Ralph A. M.; Gehrels, Neil
Jet Breaks in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts. I. The Uncollimated Afterglow of GRB 050724

62 2007ApJ...662..443G
97.00006/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Bright "Merger-nova" from the Remnant of a Neutron Star Binary Merger: A Signature of a Newly Born, Massive, Millisecond Magnetar

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Regimes of Pulsar Pair Formation and Particle Energetics

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Early X-Ray and Optical Afterglow of Gravitational Wave Bursts from Mergers of Binary Neutron Stars

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Can X-ray emission powered by a spinning-down magnetar explain some gamma-ray burst light-curve features?

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Zhang, Bing
Open questions in GRB physics

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Neutrino spectra from low and high luminosity populations of gamma ray bursts

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Detectability of Long Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows from Very High Redshifts

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Radio Pulsar Death Line Revisited: Is PSR J2144-3933 Anomalous?

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Early Optical Afterglows from Wind-Type Gamma-Ray Bursts

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Electron/positron Excesses in the Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Possible Interpretations

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On the Kinetic Energy and Radiative Efficiency of Gamma-Ray Bursts

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The Millisecond Magnetar Central Engine in Short GRBs

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Prompt emission of high-energy photons from gamma ray bursts

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How Long does a Burst Burst?

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Low-luminosity gamma-ray bursts as a distinct GRB population: a firmer case from multiple criteria constraints

94 2009ApJ...698L..10N
67.00006/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
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Weibel Instability and Associated Strong Fields in a Fully Three-Dimensional Simulation of a Relativistic Shock

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97 2014ApJ...785...74L
64.00004/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Lü, Hou-Jun; Zhang, Bing
A Test of the Millisecond Magnetar Central Engine Model of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Swift Data

98 2006ApJ...638L..67L
64.00002/2006A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Identification of Two Categories of Optically Bright Gamma-Ray Bursts

99 2014NatPh..10..351U
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Fast-cooling synchrotron radiation in a decaying magnetic field and γ-ray burst emission mechanism

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101 2009ApJ...698.1042T
60.00006/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
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102 2007ApJ...655..973K
60.00002/2007A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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The Onset of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow

103 1997ApJ...478..313Z
60.00003/1997A      E  F      L                          R  C      S              U      
Zhang, B.; Qiao, G. J.; Lin, W. P.; Han, J. L.
Three Modes of Pulsar Inner Gap

104 2013PhRvL.110l1101Z
59.00003/2013A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing; Kumar, Pawan
Model-Dependent High-Energy Neutrino Flux from Gamma-Ray Bursts

105 2002ApJ...580L...7D
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GeV Emission from TeV Blazars and Intergalactic Magnetic Fields

106 2006ApJ...653..454P
57.00012/2006A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Pe'er, Asaf; Zhang, Bing
Synchrotron Emission in Small-Scale Magnetic Fields as a Possible Explanation for Prompt Emission Spectra of Gamma-Ray Bursts

107 2013ApJ...763...15Q
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108 2006ApJ...651..985R
56.00011/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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109 2000ApJ...535L..51Z
56.00005/2000A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Harding, Alice K.
High Magnetic Field Pulsars and Magnetars: A Unified Picture

110 2014ApJ...783L..35D
55.00003/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Cosmological Implications of Fast Radio Burst/Gamma-Ray Burst Associations

111 2013ApJ...774...13L
55.00009/2013A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
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A Comprehensive Study of Gamma-Ray Burst Optical Emission. II. Afterglow Onset and Late Re-brightening Components

112 2013ApJ...765..125L
55.00003/2013A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Lei, Wei-Hua; Zhang, Bing; Liang, En-Wei
Hyperaccreting Black Hole as Gamma-Ray Burst Central Engine. I. Baryon Loading in Gamma-Ray Burst Jets

113 2006Natur.444.1010Z
55.00012/2006A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
Astrophysics: A burst of new ideas

114 2009PhRvD..79j3001M
54.00005/2009A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Murase, Kohta; Mészáros, Peter; Zhang, Bing
Probing the birth of fast rotating magnetars through high-energy neutrinos

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Exploring Broadband GRB Behavior during γ-Ray Emission

116 2010ApJ...725.1965L
52.00012/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Lü, Hou-Jun; Liang, En-Wei; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing
A New Classification Method for Gamma-ray Bursts

117 2006ApJ...639..316C
52.00003/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Swift XRT Observations of the Afterglow of GRB 050319

52.00006/2005A                      X                          C                      U  H  
Chincarini, G.; Moretti, A.; Romano, P.; Covino, S.; Tagliaferri, G.; Campana, S.; Goad, M.; Kobayashi, S.; Zhang, B.; Angelini, L.; and 31 coauthors
Prompt and afterglow early X-ray phases in the comoving frame. Evidence for Universal properties?

119 2006ApJ...653L..81L
51.00012/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Liang, En-Wei; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Stamatikos, Mike; Zhang, Bing; Norris, Jay; Gehrels, Neil; Zhang, Jin; Dai, Z. G.
Temporal Profiles and Spectral Lags of XRF 060218

120 2005GCN..3042....1B
51.00000/2005        E                                          C      S              U      
Burrows, D. N.; Hill, J. E.; Kennea, J. A.; Racusin, J. L.; Pagani, C.; Moretti, A.; Godet, O.; Abbey, A. F.; La Parola, V.; Tamburelli, F.; and 6 coauthors
GRB 050219b: swift XRT position.

121 2009ApJ...707.1623M
50.00012/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Maxham, Amanda; Zhang, Bing
Modeling Gamma-Ray Burst X-Ray Flares Within the Internal Shock Model

122 2001APh....15..101X
50.00003/2001A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Xu, R. X.; Zhang, B.; Qiao, G. J.
What if pulsars are born as strange stars?

123 2013ApJ...779L..25F
48.00012/2013A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Fan, Yi-Zhong; Yu, Yun-Wei; Xu, Dong; Jin, Zhi-Ping; Wu, Xue-Feng; Wei, Da-Ming; Zhang, Bing
A Supramassive Magnetar Central Engine for GRB 130603B

124 2007MNRAS.380.1041S
48.00009/2007A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Schady, P.; de Pasquale, M.; Page, M. J.; Vetere, L.; Pandey, S. B.; Wang, X. Y.; Cummings, J.; Zhang, B.; Zane, S.; Breeveld, A.; and 14 coauthors
Extreme properties of GRB061007: a highly energetic or a highly collimated burst?

125 2005ApJ...628L..25F
48.00007/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Fan, Y. Z.; Zhang, Bing; Wei, D. M.
Early Optical-Infrared Emission from GRB 041219a: Neutron-rich Internal Shocks and a Mildly Magnetized External Reverse Shock

126 2011ApJ...727..109V
47.00002/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Virgili, Francisco J.; Zhang, Bing; O'Brien, Paul; Troja, Eleonora
Are All Short-hard Gamma-ray Bursts Produced from Mergers of Compact Stellar Objects?

127 2006MNRAS.369L..37L
47.00006/2006A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Liang, Enwei; Zhang, Bing
Calibration of gamma-ray burst luminosity indicators

128 2015ApJS..219....9W
46.00007/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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How Bad or Good Are the External Forward Shock Afterglow Models of Gamma-Ray Bursts?

129 2009ApJ...707..328L
44.00012/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N      O  U      
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A Comprehensive Analysis of Swift/X-Ray Telescope Data. IV. Single Power-Law Decaying Light Curves Versus Canonical Light Curves and Implications for a Unified Origin of X-Rays

130 2009MNRAS.400..134P
44.00011/2009A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Multiwavelength observations of the energetic GRB 080810: detailed mapping of the broad-band spectral evolution

131 2007MNRAS.374.1103Z
44.00001/2007A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing; Gil, Janusz; Dyks, Jaroslaw
On the origins of part-time radio pulsars

132 2015ApJ...812...33S
43.00010/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Extragalactic High-energy Transients: Event Rate Densities and Luminosity Functions

133 2015ApJ...807..148G
43.00007/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Toward a Better Understanding of the GRB Phenomenon: a New Model for GRB Prompt Emission and its Effects on the New LiNT- Epeak,irest,NT Relation

134 2014ApJ...782...92Z
43.00002/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bo; Zhang, Bing
Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission Light Curves and Power Density Spectra in the ICMART Model

135 2010ApJ...717..223H
43.00007/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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136 2009ApJ...690L..10Z
43.00001/2009A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing; Liang, En-Wei; Wang, Xiang-Yu
Curvature Effect of a Non-Power-Law Spectrum and Spectral Evolution of GRB X-Ray Tails

137 2006MNRAS.365.1031D
43.00001/2006A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Swift and optical observations of GRB 050401

138 2005ApJ...624L.109Z
42.00005/2005A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing; Sanwal, Divas; Pavlov, George G.
An XMM-Newton Observation of the Drifting Pulsar B0943+10

139 2015ApJ...801..103G
41.00003/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Gao, He; Zhang, Bing
Photosphere Emission from a Hybrid Relativistic Outflow with Arbitrary Dimensionless Entropy and Magnetization in GRBs

140 2011MNRAS.417.3025V
41.00011/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
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Gamma-ray burst rate: high-redshift excess and its possible origins

141 2004ApJ...601..371L
41.00001/2004A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U  H  
Lloyd-Ronning, Nicole M.; Dai, Xinyu; Zhang, Bing
On the Structure of Quasi-universal Jets for Gamma-Ray Bursts

142 2016PhRvD..93d4065G
40.00002/2016A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Gao, He; Zhang, Bing; Lü, Hou-Jun
Constraints on binary neutron star merger product from short GRB observations

143 2015ApJ...807..163G
39.00007/2015A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Gao, He; Ding, Xuan; Wu, Xue-Feng; Dai, Zi-Gao; Zhang, Bing
GRB 080503 Late Afterglow Re-brightening: Signature of a Magnetar-powered Merger-nova

144 2012ApJ...757...56Y
39.00009/2012A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Yuan, Feng; Zhang, Bing
Episodic Jets as the Central Engine of Gamma-Ray Bursts

145 2011PhRvD..84d3002Y
38.00008/2011A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Yuan, Qiang; Zhang, Bing; Bi, Xiao-Jun
Cosmic ray spectral hardening due to dispersion in the source injection spectra

146 2011MNRAS.415...77M
38.00007/2011A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Maxham, Amanda; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing
Is GeV emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts of external shock origin?

147 2001ApJ...548L..37H
38.00002/2001A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Harding, Alice K.; Zhang, Bing
Off-Beam Gamma-Ray Pulsars and Unidentified EGRET Sources in the Gould Belt

148 2014IJMPD..2330002Z
37.00012/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission

149 2011MNRAS.410...27X
37.00001/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Probing the nature of high-z short GRB 090426 with its early optical and X-ray afterglows

150 2011ApJ...726...32F
37.00001/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Fan, Yi-Zhong; Zhang, Bib-Bin; Xu, Dong; Liang, En-Wei; Zhang, Bing
XRF 100316D/SN 2010bh: Clue to the Diverse Origin of Nearby Supernova-associated Gamma-ray Bursts

151 2012ApJ...761..147U
36.00012/2012A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
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Dynamics and Afterglow Light Curves of Gamma-Ray Burst Blast Waves with a Long-lived Reverse Shock

152 2012SPIE.8443E..2DF
35.00009/2012A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
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LOFT: the Large Observatory For X-ray Timing

153 2008ApJ...686..497G
35.00010/2008A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
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XMM-Newton Observations of Radio Pulsars B0834+06 and B0826-34 and Implications for the Pulsar Inner Accelerator

154 2004MNRAS.354.1031F
35.00011/2004A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S  N          U  H  
Fan, Y. Z.; Wei, D. M.; Zhang, Bing
γ-ray burst internal shocks with magnetization

155 2003ApJ...595..346Z
35.00009/2003A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
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High-Energy Neutrinos from Magnetars

156 2000ApJ...545L.127Z
35.00012/2000A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Xu, R. X.; Qiao, G. J.
Nature and Nurture: a Model for Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters

157 1996A&A...310..135Z
35.00006/1996A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Zhang, B.; Qiao, G. J.
A study on pulsar inner-gap sparking comparing inverse Compton scattering and curvature radiation processes.

158 2016PhRvD..94b4061W
34.00007/2016A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
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Testing Einstein's weak equivalence principle with gravitational waves

159 2016ApJ...818L...9G
34.00002/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
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Efficient Production of High-energy Nonthermal Particles during Magnetic Reconnection in a Magnetically Dominated Ion-Electron Plasma

160 2012ApJ...748..134G
34.00004/2012A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Gao, He; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing
Stepwise Filter Correlation Method and Evidence of Superposed Variability Components in Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission Light Curves

161 2011ApJ...740L..27L
34.00010/2011A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Lei, Wei-Hua; Zhang, Bing
Black Hole Spin in Sw J1644+57 and Sw J2058+05

162 2008MNRAS.384L..11G
34.00002/2008A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Gupta, Nayantara; Zhang, Bing
Diagnosing the site of gamma-ray burst prompt emission with spectral cut-off energy

163 2006A&A...454..753L
34.00008/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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GRB 051210: Swift detection of a short gamma ray burst

164 2015ApJ...805..163D
33.00006/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Deng, Wei; Li, Hui; Zhang, Bing; Li, Shengtai
Relativistic MHD Simulations of Collision-induced Magnetic Dissipation in Poynting-flux-dominated Jets/outflows

165 2014ApJ...788..189G
33.00006/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Gao, He; Li, Zhuo; Zhang, Bing
Fast Radio Burst/Gamma-Ray Burst Cosmography

166 2014ApJ...785..112D
33.00004/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Deng, Wei; Zhang, Bing
Low Energy Spectral Index and Ep Evolution of Quasi-thermal Photosphere Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts

167 2012ApJ...751...90Z
33.00006/2012A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Panchromatic Observations of the Textbook GRB 110205A: Constraining Physical Mechanisms of Prompt Emission and Afterglow

168 2006ESASP.604..877B
33.00001/2006A          F  G  X              T      R  C                      U      
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Swift XRT Observations of X-ray Flares in GRB Afterglows

169 2005ApJ...625L..23C
33.00005/2005A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Swift Observations of GRB 050128: The Early X-Ray Afterglow

170 1997ApJ...491..891Z
33.00012/1997A      E  F      L                          R  C      S              U      
Zhang, B.; Qiao, G. J.; Han, J. L.
Inverse Compton Scattering: Gap Parameters, Energy Loss of the Particles, and Possible Implications for Pulsar Radio Emission

171 2007AdSpR..40.1186Z
32.00000/2007A      E          L  X                      R  C                  O  U      
Zhang, Bing
Gamma-ray burst afterglows

172 2005ApJ...626L..45D
32.00006/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Dyks, J.; Zhang, Bing; Gil, J.
Reversals of Radio Emission Direction in PSR B1822-09

173 2018NatCo...9..447Z
31.00001/2018A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, B.-B.; Zhang, B.; Sun, H.; Lei, W.-H.; Gao, H.; Li, Y.; Shao, L.; Zhao, Y.; Hu, Y.-D.; Lü, H.-J.; and 8 coauthors
A peculiar low-luminosity short gamma-ray burst from a double neutron star merger progenitor

174 2009MNRAS.398.1936S
31.00010/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Shen, Rong-Feng; Zhang, Bing
Prompt optical emission and synchrotron self-absorption constraints on emission site of GRBs

175 2007A&A...462...73C
31.00001/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Cusumano, G.; Mangano, V.; Chincarini, G.; Panaitescu, A.; Burrows, D. N.; La Parola, V.; Sakamoto, T.; Campana, S.; Mineo, T.; Tagliaferri, G.; and 23 coauthors
Swift observations of GRB 050904: the most distant cosmic explosion ever observed

31.00011/2005A                      X                      R  C                      U  H  
Dyks, J.; Zhang, Bing; Fan, Y. Z.
Curvature effect in structured GRB jets

177 2011ApJ...726...62M
30.00001/2011A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Mizuno, Yosuke; Pohl, Martin; Niemiec, Jacek; Zhang, Bing; Nishikawa, Ken-Ichi; Hardee, Philip E.
Magnetic-field Amplification by Turbulence in a Relativistic Shock Propagating Through an Inhomogeneous Medium

178 2007MNRAS.377.1638D
30.00006/2007A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
de Pasquale, Massimiliano; Oates, S. R.; Page, M. J.; Burrows, D. N.; Blustin, A. J.; Zane, S.; Mason, K. O.; Roming, P. W. A.; Palmer, D.; Gehrels, N.; Zhang, B.
Early afterglow detection in the Swift observations of GRB 050801

179 2007ApJ...654..403M
30.00001/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Mangano, Vanessa; La Parola, Valentina; Cusumano, Giancarlo; Mineo, Teresa; Malesani, Daniele; Dyks, Jaroslaw; Campana, Sergio; Capalbi, Milvia; Chincarini, Guido; Giommi, Paolo; and 13 coauthors
Swift XRT Observations of the Afterglow of XRF 050416A

180 2005ApJ...631L.143Z
30.00010/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing; Gil, Janusz
GCRT J1745-3009 as a Transient White Dwarf Pulsar

181 2017ApJ...836L..32Z
29.00002/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing
A “Cosmic Comb” Model of Fast Radio Bursts

182 2007MNRAS.374..232Z
29.00001/2007A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, C. M.; Yin, H. X.; Kojima, Y.; Chang, H. K.; Xu, R. X.; Li, X. D.; Zhang, B.; Kiziltan, B.
Measuring neutron star mass and radius with three mass-radius relations

183 2016PhRvD..94h3010L
28.00010/2016A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Li, Ang; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Nai-Bo; Gao, He; Qi, Bin; Liu, Tong
Internal x-ray plateau in short GRBs: Signature of supramassive fast-rotating quark stars?

184 2013ApJ...774L...5Z
28.00009/2013A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Jin; Liang, En-Wei; Sun, Xiao-Na; Zhang, Bing; Lu, Ye; Zhang, Shuang-Nan
Radiation Mechanism and Jet Composition of Gamma-Ray Bursts and GeV-TeV-selected Radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei

185 2012PhRvD..85d3012S
28.00002/2012A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Sahu, Sarira; Zhang, Bing; Fraija, Nissim
Hadronic-origin TeV γ rays and ultrahigh energy cosmic rays from Centaurus A

186 2004ApJ...616L.127Q
28.00012/2004A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Qiao, G. J.; Lee, K. J.; Zhang, B.; Xu, R. X.; Wang, H. G.
A Model for the Challenging ``Bi-drifting'' Phenomenon in PSR J0815+09

187 2016ApJ...822L..14Z
27.00005/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing
On the Afterglow and Progenitor of FRB 150418

188 2012ApJ...758L..34Z
27.00010/2012A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing; Lu, Rui-Jing; Liang, En-Wei; Wu, Xue-Feng
GRB 110721A: Photosphere "Death Line" and the Physical Origin of the GRB Band Function

189 2010ApJ...711.1008G
27.00003/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Grupe, Dirk; Burrows, David N.; Wu, Xue-Feng; Wang, Xiang-Yu; Zhang, Bing; Liang, En-Wei; Garmire, Gordon; Nousek, John A.; Gehrels, Neil; Ricker, George R.; Bautz, Marshall W.
Late-Time Detections of the X-Ray Afterglow of GRB 060729 with Chandra—The Latest Detections Ever of an X-Ray Afterglow

190 2008ApJ...672...72M
27.00001/2008A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Mizuno, Yosuke; Hardee, Philip; Hartmann, Dieter H.; Nishikawa, Ken-Ichi; Zhang, Bing
A Magnetohydrodynamic Boost for Relativistic Jets

27.00007/2005A                      X                      R  C                      U  H  
Lamb, D. Q.; Ricker, G. R.; Lazzati, D.; Ghirlanda, G.; Ghisellini, G.; Firmani, C.; Amati, L.; Atteia, J. -L.; Avila-Reese, V.; Burles, S.; and 19 coauthors
A Gamma-Ray Burst Mission to Investigate the Properties of Dark Energy

192 2016ApJ...816...72Z
26.00001/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bin-Bin; Uhm, Z. Lucas; Connaughton, Valerie; Briggs, Michael S.; Zhang, Bing
Synchrotron Origin of the Typical GRB Band Function—A Case Study of GRB 130606B

193 2013ApJ...762...98L
26.00001/2013A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Lei, Wei-Hua; Zhang, Bing; Gao, He
Frame Dragging, Disk Warping, Jet Precessing, and Dipped X-Ray Light Curve of Sw J1644+57

194 2011ApJ...730L..15Y
26.00004/2011A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Yuan, Qiang; Yin, Peng-Fei; Wu, Xue-Feng; Bi, Xiao-Jun; Liu, Siming; Zhang, Bing
A Statistical Model for the γ-ray Variability of the Crab Nebula

195 2011ApJ...727..132M
26.00002/2011A      E  F      L              D          R  C      S  N          U      
Marshall, F. E.; Antonelli, L. A.; Burrows, D. N.; Covino, S.; de Pasquale, M.; Evans, P. A.; Fugazza, D.; Holland, S. T.; Liang, E. W.; O'Brien, P. T.; and 7 coauthors
The Late Peaking Afterglow of GRB 100418A

196 2012ApJ...756..190Z
25.00009/2012A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bin-Bin; Fan, Yi-Zhong; Shen, Rong-Feng; Xu, Dong; Zhang, Fu-Wen; Wei, Da-Ming; Burrows, David N.; Zhang, Bing; Gehrels, Neil
GRB 120422A: A Low-luminosity Gamma-Ray Burst Driven by a Central Engine

197 2006ApJ...650.1048G
25.00010/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Gil, Janusz; Melikidze, George; Zhang, Bing
Formation of a Partially Screened Inner Acceleration Region in Radio Pulsars: Drifting Subpulses and Thermal X-Ray Emission from Polar Cap Surface

198 2006MNRAS.370.1573R
25.00008/2006A      E  F  G                          R  C      S              U      
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Early Photon-Shock Interaction in a Stellar Wind: A Sub-GeV Photon Flash and High-Energy Neutrino Emission from Long Gamma-Ray Bursts

200 2004ApJ...601L..13K
25.00001/2004A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U  H  
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A Characteristic Dense Environment or Wind Signature in Prompt Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows

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24.00007/2014A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
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The Large Observatory for x-ray timing

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24.00004/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Yuan, Qiang; Huang, Xiaoyuan; Liu, Siming; Zhang, Bing
Fermi Large Area Telescope Detection of Supernova Remnant RCW 86

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24.00001/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
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23.00011/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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A Tight Liso - Ep,z - Gamma0 Correlation of Gamma-Ray Bursts

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23.00008/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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211 2006ApJ...639..311M
22.00003/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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212 2004ApJ...614L..53Z
22.00010/2004A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
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A Model for the Flaring Radio Emission in the Double Pulsar System J0737-3039

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22.00011/2001A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
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On the Radio Quiescence of Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars and Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters

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An inverse Compton scattering (ICS) model of pulsar emission. II. Frequency behavior of pulse profiles

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21.00006/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
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Capturing the electromagnetic counterparts of binary neutron star mergers through low-latency gravitational wave triggers

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GRB 050505: a high-redshift burst discovered by Swift

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Early Optical Afterglow Light Curves of Neutron-fed Gamma-Ray Bursts

221 2005ApJ...621..875D
21.00003/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Dai, Xinyu; Zhang, Bing
A Global Test of a Quasi-universal Gamma-Ray Burst Jet Model through Monte Carlo Simulations

222 2017NewAR..79....1L
20.00011/2017A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Liu, Tong; Gu, Wei-Min; Zhang, Bing
Neutrino-dominated accretion flows as the central engine of gamma-ray bursts

223 2017ApJ...835....7S
20.00001/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Sun, Hui; Zhang, Bing; Gao, He
X-Ray Counterpart of Gravitational Waves Due to Binary Neutron Star Mergers: Light Curves, Luminosity Function, and Event Rate Density

224 2014ApJ...788...32W
20.00006/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Quasi-periodic Variations in X-Ray Emission and Long-term Radio Observations: Evidence for a Two-component Jet in Sw J1644+57

225 2006A&A...452..819G
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X-ray flares in the early Swift observations of the possible naked gamma-ray burst 050421

226 2005ApJ...628..867F
19.00008/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Optical Afterglows of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts and GRB 040924

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An Energetic Blast Wave from the 2004 December 27 Giant Flare of the Soft Gamma-Ray Repeater SGR 1806-20

228 1996A&A...306L...5Q
19.00002/1996A          F  G                          R  C                      U      
Qiao, G. J.; Zhang, B.
Pulsar birth line, appearance line and death line.

229 2018AdSpR..62..191A
18.00007/2018A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
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A Comparative Study of Long and Short GRBs. I. Overlapping Properties

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232 2013PhRvD..88d3010G
18.00008/2013A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
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Possible high-energy neutrino and photon signals from gravitational wave bursts due to double neutron star mergers

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Unusual Central Engine Activity in the Double Burst GRB 110709B

234 2010A&A...522A..20D
18.00011/2010A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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The afterglow and host galaxy of GRB 090205: evidence of a Ly-α emitter at z = 4.65

235 2008ApJ...686L..57N
18.00010/2008A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Nagamine, Kentaro; Zhang, Bing; Hernquist, Lars
Incidence Rate of GRB-Host DLAs at High Redshift

236 2007ApJ...656..306C
18.00002/2007A      E  F      L                          R  C      S              U      
Casanova, S.; Dingus, B. L.; Zhang, Bing
Contribution of GRB Emission to the GeV Extragalactic Diffuse Gamma-Ray Flux

237 2006A&A...449...89G
18.00004/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Swift observations of the prompt X-ray emission and afterglow from GRB050126 and GRB050219A

238 2016ApJ...824L..16U
17.00006/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Uhm, Z. Lucas; Zhang, Bing
Evidence of Bulk Acceleration of the GRB X-Ray Flare Emission Region

239 2014ApJ...795..155P
17.00011/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Photosphere Emission in the X-Ray Flares of Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts and Implications for the Fireball Properties

240 2014ApJ...784...59S
17.00003/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
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Radio Efficiency of Pulsars

241 2012MNRAS.424.2821V
17.00008/2012A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Virgili, Francisco J.; Qin, Ying; Zhang, Bing; Liang, Enwei
Spectral and temporal analysis of the joint Swift/BAT-Fermi/GBM GRB sample

242 2011AdSpR..47.1434N
17.00004/2011A      E          L                          R  C                      U      
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Radiation from relativistic shocks in turbulent magnetic fields

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17.00005/2008A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
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Extreme Properties of GRB 061007: a highly energetic or a highly collimated burst?

244 2006ApJ...648.1117K
17.00009/2006A      E  F      L              D          R  C      S  N          U      
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GRB 050717: A Long, Short-Lag, High-Peak Energy Burst Observed by Swift and Konus

245 1998A&A...338...62Z
17.00010/1998A          F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, Bing; Qiao, G. J.
Two-photon annihilation in the pair formation cascades in pulsar polar caps

246 2016ApJ...830L..31Y
16.00010/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing
Extracting Host Galaxy Dispersion Measure and Constraining Cosmological Parameters using Fast Radio Burst Data

247 2014ApJ...781L..10W
16.00001/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Wu, Xue-Feng; Gao, He; Ding, Xuan; Zhang, Bing; Dai, Zi-Gao; Wei, Jian-Yan
A Double Neutron Star Merger Origin for the Cosmological Relativistic Fading Source PTF11agg?

248 2013AnGeo..31.1535N
16.00009/2013A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
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Magnetic field generation in a jet-sheath plasma via the kinetic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

249 2007ChJAA...7..496Q
16.00008/2007A          F  G  X                      R  C                      U      
Qiao, Guo-Jun; Lee, Ke-Jia; Zhang, Bing; Wang, Hong-Guang; Xu, Ren-Xin
An Annular Gap Acceleration Model for γ-ray Emission of Pulsars

250 2016ApJ...831L..10G
15.00011/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Geng, Jin-Jun; Zhang, Bing; Huang, Yong-Feng
A Model of White Dwarf Pulsar AR Scorpii

251 2016MNRAS.455.1027D
15.00001/2016A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
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The central engine of GRB 130831A and the energy breakdown of a relativistic explosion

252 2014MNRAS.439.3490M
15.00004/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Mizuno, Yosuke; Pohl, Martin; Niemiec, Jacek; Zhang, Bing; Nishikawa, Ken-Ichi; Hardee, Philip E.
Magnetic field amplification and saturation in turbulence behind a relativistic shock

253 2014A&A...562A.100E
15.00002/2014A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Prompt emission of GRB 121217A from gamma-rays to the near-infrared

254 2014ApJ...780...82U
15.00001/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Uhm, Z. Lucas; Zhang, Bing
On the Non-existence of a Sharp Cooling Break in Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Spectra

255 2009PhRvD..79b1301F
15.00001/2009A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Fan, Yi-Zhong; Zhang, Bing; Wei, Da-Ming
Naked-eye optical flash from gamma-ray burst 080319B: Tracing the decaying neutrons in the outflow

256 2008AIPC.1065..331H
15.00010/2008A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
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POET: POlarimeters for Energetic Transients

257 2006A&A...457L...5G
15.00010/2006A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Gil, J.; Melikidze, G.; Zhang, B.
Interrelation between radio and X-ray signatures of drifting subpulses in pulsars

258 2005GCN..3039....1S
15.00000/2005        E                          D              C      S              U      
Schady, P.; Ivanushkina, M.; Poole, T.; Gronwall, C.; Blustin, A.; Brown, P.; Rosen, S.; McGowan, K.; de Pasquale, M.; Boyd, P.; and 19 coauthors
GRB050219a: no swift UVOT detection of afterglow emission.

259 2017ApJ...837...50G
14.00003/2017A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Gao, He; Zhang, Bing; Lü, Hou-Jun; Li, Ye
Searching for Magnetar-powered Merger-novae from Short GRBS

260 2015ApJ...810..160G
14.00009/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Gao, He; Wang, Xiang-Gao; Mészáros, Peter; Zhang, Bing
A Morphological Analysis of Gamma-Ray Burst Early-optical Afterglows

261 2015MNRAS.449.2706N
14.00005/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Niino, Yuu; Nagamine, Kentaro; Zhang, Bing
Metallicity measurements of gamma-ray burst and supernova explosion sites: lessons from H II regions in M31

262 2014ApJ...793...36L
14.00009/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
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Distributions of Gamma-Ray Bursts and Blazars in the L p-E p-Plane and Possible Implications for their Radiation Physics

263 2014ApJ...792L..21Y
14.00009/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Yi, Shuang-Xi; Gao, He; Zhang, Bing
Multi-wavelength Afterglows of Fast Radio Bursts

264 2009MNRAS.396.1825M
14.00007/2009A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Murase, Kohta; Zhang, Bing; Takahashi, Keitaro; Nagataki, Shigehiro
Possible effects of pair echoes on gamma-ray burst afterglow emission

265 2007MNRAS.376L..67G
14.00003/2007A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Gil, J.; Melikidze, G.; Zhang, B.
X-ray pulsar radiation from polar caps heated by back-flow bombardment

14.00004/2006A                      X                      R  C                      U  H  
Dai, Z. G.; Zhang, Bing; Liang, E. W.
GRB 060218/SN 2006aj: Prompt Emission from Inverse-Compton Scattering of Shock Breakout Thermal Photons

267 2005ApJ...633.1101D
14.00011/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Dyks, J.; Frąckowiak, M.; Słowikowska, Agnieszka; Rudak, B.; Zhang, Bing
The Pulsar Shadow as the Origin of Double Notches in Radio Pulse Profiles

268 2017JCAP...11..035W
13.00011/2017A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Wei, Jun-Jie; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Wu, Xue-Feng; Gao, He; Mészáros, Peter; Zhang, Bing; Dai, Zi-Gao; Zhang, Shuang-Nan; Zhu, Zong-Hong
Multimessenger tests of the weak equivalence principle from GW170817 and its electromagnetic counterparts

269 2017ApJ...839L..25Y
13.00004/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Luo, Rui; Li, Zhuo; Zhang, Bing
Large Host-galaxy Dispersion Measure of Fast Radio Bursts

270 2016ApJS..225...17J
13.00007/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Jia, Lan-Wei; Uhm, Z. Lucas; Zhang, Bing
A Statistical Study of GRB X-Ray Flares: Evidence of Ubiquitous Bulk Acceleration in the Emission Region

271 2016ApJ...825...97U
13.00007/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Uhm, Z. Lucas; Zhang, Bing
Toward an Understanding of GRB Prompt Emission Mechanism. I. The Origin of Spectral Lags

272 2016ApJ...819L..12Y
13.00003/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing; Dai, Zi-Gao
Synchrotron Heating by a Fast Radio Burst in a Self-absorbed Synchrotron Nebula and Its Observational Signature

273 2015ApJ...808...33U
13.00007/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Uhm, Z. Lucas; Zhang, Bing
On the Curvature Effect of a Relativistic Spherical Shell

274 2014ApJ...789...39U
13.00007/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Uhm, Z. Lucas; Zhang, Bing
Dynamics and Afterglow Light Curves of Gamma-Ray Burst Blast Waves Encountering a Density Bump or Void

275 2013MNRAS.435.2520G
13.00011/2013A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Gao, He; Lei, Wei-Hua; Wu, Xue-Feng; Zhang, Bing
Compton scattering of self-absorbed synchrotron emission

276 2013ApJ...774..132W
13.00009/2013A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Wang, Xiang-Gao; Liang, En-Wei; Li, Liang; Lu, Rui-Jing; Wei, Jian-Yan; Zhang, Bing
A Comprehensive Study of Gamma-Ray Burst Optical Emission. III. Brightness Distributions and Luminosity Functions of Optical Afterglows

277 2008AIPC.1085..589N
13.00012/2008A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
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New Relativistic Particle-In-Cell Simulation Studies of Prompt and Early Afterglows from GRBs

278 2007A&A...471..385G
13.00008/2007A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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GRB 050822: detailed analysis of an XRF observed by Swift

279 2003ApJ...596L..95Z
13.00010/2003A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U  H  
Zhang, Bing; Sigurdsson, Steinn
Electromagnetic Signals from Planetary Collisions

280 2018ApJ...854L..12P
12.00002/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Palaniswamy, Divya; Li, Ye; Zhang, Bing
Are There Multiple Populations of Fast Radio Bursts?

281 2016MNRAS.462.1111D
12.00010/2016A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
De Pasquale, M.; Page, M. J.; Kann, D. A.; Oates, S. R.; Schulze, S.; Zhang, B.; Cano, Z.; Gendre, B.; Malesani, D.; Rossi, A.; and 5 coauthors
The 80 Ms follow-up of the X-ray afterglow of GRB 130427A challenges the standard forward shock model

282 2016arXiv160304825L
12.00003/2016A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Li, Ye; Zhang, Bing
Radio transient following FRB 150418: afterglow or coincident AGN flare?

283 2015ApJ...805...13L
12.00005/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Li, Liang; Wu, Xue-Feng; Huang, Yong-Feng; Wang, Xiang-Gao; Tang, Qing-Wen; Liang, Yun-Feng; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Wang, Yu; Geng, Jin-Jun; Liang, En-Wei; and 3 coauthors
A Correlated Study of Optical and X-Ray Afterglows of GRBs

284 2014ApJ...793...60N
12.00009/2014A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Hardee, P. E.; Duţan, I.; Niemiec, J.; Medvedev, M.; Mizuno, Y.; Meli, A.; Sol, H.; Zhang, B.; Pohl, M.; Hartmann, D. H.
Magnetic Field Generation in Core-sheath Jets via the Kinetic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability

285 2017ApJ...846L..28X
11.00009/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Xu, Siyao; Zhang, Bing
Adiabatic Non-resonant Acceleration in Magnetic Turbulence and Hard Spectra of Gamma-Ray Bursts

286 2017arXiv170600601K
11.00006/2017A                      X                      R  C                      U      
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The Optical/NIR afterglow of GRB 111209A: Complex yet not Unprecedented

287 2016SSRv..202....3Z
11.00012/2016A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing; Lü, Hou-Jun; Liang, En-Wei
GRB Observational Properties

288 2016PhRvD..94j1501Y
11.00011/2016A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing
Testing Einstein's weak equivalence principle with a 0.4-nanosecond giant pulse of the Crab pulsar

289 2016ApJ...821L..12D
11.00004/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Deng, Wei; Zhang, Haocheng; Zhang, Bing; Li, Hui
Collision-induced Magnetic Reconnection and a Unified Interpretation of Polarization Properties of GRBs and Blazars

290 2015MNRAS.449.1024D
11.00005/2015A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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The optical rebrightening of GRB100814A: an interplay of forward and reverse shocks?

291 2011ApJ...726...88N
11.00001/2011A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Niino, Yuu; Choi, Jun-Hwan; Kobayashi, Masakazu A. R.; Nagamine, Kentaro; Totani, Tomonori; Zhang, Bing
Luminosity Distribution of Gamma-ray Burst Host Galaxies at Redshift z = 1 in Cosmological Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic Simulations: Implications for the Metallicity Dependence of GRBs

292 2010RAA....10..943S
11.00010/2010A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Sahu, Sarira; Zhang, Bing
Effect of resonant neutrino oscillation on TeV neutrino flavor ratio from choked GRBs

293 2006ApJ...648.1132L
11.00009/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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The First Swift X-Ray Flash: The Faint Afterglow of XRF 050215B

294 2005ApJ...622L..85B
11.00004/2005A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Swift X-Ray Telescope and Very Large Telescope Observations of the Afterglow of GRB 041223

295 2017ApJ...849...47L
10.00011/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Lei, Wei-Hua; Zhang, Bing; Wu, Xue-Feng; Liang, En-Wei
Hyperaccreting Black Hole as Gamma-Ray Burst Central Engine. II. Temporal Evolution of the Central Engine Parameters during the Prompt and Afterglow Phases

296 2016ApJ...832..199X
10.00012/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Xu, Siyao; Zhang, Bing
On the Origin of the Scatter Broadening of Fast Radio Burst Pulses and Astrophysical Implications

297 2016arXiv161006892W
10.00010/2016A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Wei, J.; Cordier, B.; Antier, S.; Antilogus, P.; Atteia, J.-L.; Bajat, A.; Basa, S.; Beckmann, V.; Bernardini, M. G.; Boissier, S.; and 70 coauthors
The Deep and Transient Universe in the SVOM Era: New Challenges and Opportunities - Scientific prospects of the SVOM mission

298 2016ApJ...816...20L
10.00001/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Lei, Wei-Hua; Yuan, Qiang; Zhang, Bing; Wang, Daniel
IGR J12580+0134: The First Tidal Disruption Event with an Off-beam Relativistic Jet

299 2005ApJ...629L..81D
10.00008/2005A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Dai, Z. G.; Wu, X. F.; Wang, X. Y.; Huang, Y. F.; Zhang, B.
A Two-Component Explosion Model for the Giant Flare and Radio Afterglow from SGR 1806-20

300 2017ApJ...848...15F
9.00010/2017A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Fraija, N.; Veres, P.; Zhang, B. B.; Barniol Duran, R.; Becerra, R. L.; Zhang, B.; Lee, W. H.; Watson, A. M.; Ordaz-Salazar, C.; Galvan-Gamez, A.
Theoretical Description of GRB 160625B with Wind-to-ISM Transition and Implications for a Magnetized Outflow

301 2016ApJ...825...48R
9.00007/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Resmi, Lekshmi; Zhang, Bing
Gamma-ray Burst Reverse Shock Emission in Early Radio Afterglows

302 2012ApJ...756...64Z
9.00009/2012A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Zheng, WeiKang; Akerlof, Carl W.; Pandey, Shashi B.; McKay, Timothy A.; Zhang, BinBin; Zhang, Bing; Sakamoto, Takanori
GRB 110709A, 111117A, and 120107A: Faint High-energy Gamma-Ray Photon Emission from Fermi-LAT Observations and Demographic Implications

303 2010IJMPD..19..715N
9.00000/2010A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Nimiec, J.; Medvedev, M.; Zhang, B.; Hardee, P.; Mizuno, Y.; Nordlund, Å.; Frederiksen, J.; Sol, H.; Pohl, M.; and 3 coauthors
Radiation from Relativistic Shocks with Turbulent Magnetic Fields

304 2008arXiv0810.0520F
9.00010/2008A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Falcone, A. D.; Williams, D. A.; Baring, M. G.; Blandford, R.; Buckley, J.; Connaughton, V.; Coppi, P.; Dermer, C.; Dingus, B.; Fryer, C.; and 13 coauthors
Gamma Ray Burst Section of the White Paper on the Status and Future of Ground-based TeV Gamma-ray Astronomy

305 2004AIPC..713..309Z
9.00006/2004A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing; Sigurdsson, Steinn
Electromagnetic Signals from Planetary Collisions

306 2018ApJ...860...72M
8.00006/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
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The Origin of the Prompt Emission for Short GRB 170817A: Photosphere Emission or Synchrotron Emission?

307 2017ApJ...847...22Y
8.00009/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing
Dispersion Measure Variation of Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources

308 2017ApJ...835....2X
8.00001/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Xu, Siyao; Zhang, Bing
Scatter Broadening of Pulsars and Implications on the Interstellar Medium Turbulence

309 2016PhRvD..93l3004L
8.00006/2016A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Liu, Tong; Zhang, Bing; Li, Ye; Ma, Ren-Yi; Xue, Li
Detectable MeV neutrinos from black hole neutrino-dominated accretion flows

310 2016MNRAS.455L...1W
8.00001/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Wu, Qingwen; Zhang, Bing; Lei, Wei-Hua; Zou, Yuan-Chuan; Liang, En-Wei; Cao, Xinwu
The extension of variability properties in gamma-ray bursts to blazars

311 2015ApJ...810...41L
8.00009/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Li, Ye; Zhang, Bing
Can Life Survive Gamma-Ray Bursts in the High-redshift Universe?

312 2015ApJ...799..152L
8.00002/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Lin, Meng-Xiang; Xu, Ren-Xin; Zhang, Bing
Oscillation-driven Magnetospheric Activity in Pulsars

313 2013IAUS..290..263L
8.00002/2013A          F  G                  T      R  C                      U      
Li, Liang; Liang, En-Wei; Gao, He; Zhang, Bing
Optical Afterglows as Probes for the Central Engine and Fireball of Gamma-Ray Bursts†

314 2009MNRAS.395..328P
8.00005/2009A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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The unusual X-ray light curve of GRB080307: the onset of the afterglow?

315 2006AIPC..836..386F
8.00005/2006A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
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Late-Time X-ray Flares during GRB Afterglows: Extended Internal Engine Activity

316 2005MNRAS.363L..76P
8.00010/2005A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Page, K. L.; Rol, E.; Levan, A. J.; Zhang, B.; Osborne, J. P.; O'Brien, P. T.; Beardmore, A. P.; Burrows, D. N.; Campana, S.; Chincharini, G.; and 9 coauthors
GRB 050223: a faint gamma-ray burst discovered by Swift

317 2003AcASn..44S.215Z
8.00002/2003A                  L  X                      R  C                      U  H  
Zhang, Bing
Radio Pulsar Death

318 2018ApJ...860...57A
7.00006/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Ai, Shunke; Gao, He; Dai, Zi-Gao; Wu, Xue-Feng; Li, Ang; Zhang, Bing; Li, Mu-Zi
The Allowed Parameter Space of a Long-lived Neutron Star as the Merger Remnant of GW170817

319 2017arXiv171202702Y
7.00012/2017A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing
Coherent Curvature Radiation by Bunches in Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field Geometry: Application to Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts

320 2016ApJ...821..132L
7.00004/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Liu, Tong; Xue, Li; Zhao, Xiao-Hong; Zhang, Fu-Wen; Zhang, Bing
A Method to Constrain Mass and Spin of GRB Black Holes within the NDAF Model

321 2015arXiv151203323C
7.00012/2015A                      X                      R  C                      U      
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The SVOM gamma-ray burst mission

322 2013arXiv1302.4876P
7.00002/2013A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Peng, Fang-kun; Hu, You-Dong; Xi, Shao-Qiang; Wang, Xiang-Gao; Lu, Rui-Jing; Liang, En-Wei; Zhang, Bing
GRB 121027A: long-lasting, energetic X-ray flares and clues to radiation mechanism and progenitor star

323 2007SPIE.6686E..0YH
7.00009/2007A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
Hill, Joanne E.; Barthelmy, Scott; Black, J. Kevin; Deines-Jones, Philip; Jahoda, Keith; Sakamoto, Takanori; Kaaret, Philip; McConnell, Mark L.; Bloser, Peter F.; Macri, John R.; and 4 coauthors
A burst chasing x-ray polarimeter

324 2005GCN..3330....1F
7.00000/2005        E                                          C      S              U      
Falcone, A.; Burrows, D. N.; Chester, M.; Schady, P.; Cummings, J.; Palmer, D.; Pagani, C.; Zhang, B.; Page, K.; Goad, M.; Gehrels, N.
Swift detection of the bright burst GRB050502b.

325 2005GCN..3038....1H
7.00000/2005        E                          D              C      S              U      
Hullinger, D.; Barthelmy, S.; Barbier, L.; Cummings, J.; Fenimore, E.; Gehrels, N.; Krimm, H.; Markwardt, C.; Norris, J.; Nousek, J.; and 9 coauthors
GRB 050219: Swift-BAT detection of a burst.

326 2004BaltA..13..317M
7.00000/2004A          F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Mészáros, P.; Kobayashi, S.; Razzaque, S.; Zhang, B.
High Energy Neutrinos and Gravitational Waves from Gamma-Ray Bursts

327 2003ASSL..298...27Z
7.00000/2003A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
Magnetars and pulsars: a missing link

328 2018AdSpR..62..662S
6.00008/2018A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Stratta, G.; Ciolfi, R.; Amati, L.; Bozzo, E.; Ghirlanda, G.; Maiorano, E.; Nicastro, L.; Rossi, A.; Vinciguerra, S.; Frontera, F.; and 48 coauthors
THESEUS: A key space mission concept for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

329 2018ApJS..234....3G
6.00001/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Geng, Jin-Jun; Huang, Yong-Feng; Wu, Xue-Feng; Zhang, Bing; Zong, Hong-Shi
Low-energy Spectra of Gamma-Ray Bursts from Cooling Electrons

330 2018ApJ...852L...5M
6.00001/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Ma, Shuai-Bing; Lei, Wei-Hua; Gao, He; Xie, Wei; Chen, Wei; Zhang, Bing; Wang, Ding-Xiong
Bright Merger-nova Emission Powered by Magnetic Wind from a Newborn Black Hole

331 2017ApJ...851L..45G
6.00012/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Gao, He; Cao, Zhoujian; Ai, Shunke; Zhang, Bing
A More Stringent Constraint on the Mass Ratio of Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817

332 2017JHEAp..13....1Y
6.00003/2017A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Yi, Shuang-Xi; Lei, Wei-Hua; Zhang, Bing; Dai, Zi-Gao; Wu, Xue-Feng; Liang, En-Wei
Lorentz factor - Beaming corrected energy/luminosity correlations and GRB central engine models

333 2017ApJ...835..178S
6.00002/2017A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Szary, Andrzej; Gil, Janusz; Zhang, Bing; Haberl, Frank; Melikidze, George I.; Geppert, Ulrich; Mitra, Dipanjan; Xu, Ren-Xin
XMM-Newton Observation of the nearby Pulsar B1133+16.

334 2012MNRAS.426.1385R
6.00010/2012A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Resmi, Lekshmi; Zhang, Bing
Gamma-ray burst prompt emission variability in synchrotron and synchrotron self-Compton light curves

335 2012ApJ...745...72Z
6.00001/2012A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zheng, WeiKang; Akerlof, Carl W.; Pandey, Shashi B.; McKay, Timothy A.; Zhang, BinBin; Zhang, Bing
Faint High-energy Gamma-Ray Photon Emission of GRB 081006A from Fermi Observations

336 2009AIPC.1133...64M
6.00005/2009A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
McConnell, M. L.; Angelini, L.; Baring, M. G.; Barthelmy, S.; Black, J. K.; Bloser, P. F.; Dennis, B.; Emslie, A. G.; Greiner, J.; Hajdas, W.; and 18 coauthors
GRB Polarimetry with POET

337 2007ChJAA...7..329Z
6.00004/2007A          F  G                              C                  O  U      
Zhang, Bing
ERRATUM: Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era

338 2006MNRAS.370.1859D
6.00008/2006A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
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Swift observations of GRB 050712

6.00006/2006A                      X                      R  C                      U  H  
Liang, Enwei; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Dai, Z. G.
Thermal Emission from a Hot Cocoon Surrounding the Jet of XRF 060218

340 2005GCN..3697....1B
6.00000/2005        E                                          C      S              U      
Burrows, D. N.; Grupe, D.; Kouveliotou, C.; Patel, S.; Meszaros, P.; Zhang, B.; Wijers, R. A. M. J.
GRB 050724: Chandra observations of the X-ray afterglow.

341 2002MmSAI..73..584Z
6.00000/2002A          F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, B.; Harding, A. K.
Inner magnetospheric accelerators in high magnetic field pulsars.

342 1998A&A...334L..49Z
6.00006/1998A          F  G  X                      R  C                      U      
Zheng, Zheng; Zhang, Bing; Qiao, G. J.
Is gamma -ray absorption by induced electric fields important in the pulsar magnetospheres?

343 2018arXiv180310865R
5.00003/2018A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Radice, David; Perego, Albino; Bernuzzi, Sebastiano; Zhang, Bing
Long-lived Remnants from Binary Neutron Star Mergers

344 2018ApJ...852...20L
5.00001/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Liu, Tong; Song, Cui-Ying; Zhang, Bing; Gu, Wei-Min; Heger, Alexander
Black Hole Hyperaccretion Inflow-Outflow Model. I. Long and Ultra-long Gamma-Ray Bursts

345 2017ApJ...843L..13Z
5.00007/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing
Repeating FRB 121102: Eight-year Fermi-LAT Upper Limits and Implications

346 2017ApJ...835L..21G
5.00002/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Gao, He; Zhang, Bing
Implications from the Upper Limit of Radio Afterglow Emission of FRB 131104/Swift J0644.5-5111

347 2016ApJ...824..113X
5.00006/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Xu, Siyao; Zhang, Bing
Interpretation of the Structure Function of Rotation Measure in the Interstellar Medium

348 2016ApJ...820L..32Z
5.00004/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing; Castro-Tirado, Alberto J.
Central Engine Memory of Gamma-Ray Bursts and Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters

349 2013IAUS..290...70Q
5.00002/2013A          F  G                  T      R  C                      U      
Qin, Y.; Liang, E. W.; Virgili, F. J.; Zhang, B.
Instrumental Selection Effect on the Bimodal T 90 Distribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts†

350 2011JCAP...04..020Y
5.00004/2011A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Yuan, Qiang; Yue, Bin; Zhang, Bing; Chen, Xuelei
Constraint on dark matter annihilation with dark star formation using Fermi extragalactic diffuse gamma-ray background data

351 2008AIPC.1000..393M
5.00005/2008A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Mizuno, Y.; Nishikawa, K.-I.; Hardee, P.; Fishman, G. J.; Preece, R.
Relativistic Particle-In-Cell Simulation Studies of Prompt and Early Afterglows from GRBs

352 2007ASPC..363..271R
5.00004/2007A      E  F  G  X              T      R  C                      U      
Retter, A.; Zhang, B.; Siess, L.; Levinson, A.; Marom, A.
The Planets-Capture Model of V838 Monocerotis

353 2006AIPC..836..392Z
5.00005/2006A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
Physical origin of X-ray flares following GRBs

354 2005AIPC..801..106Z
5.00011/2005A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
Gamma-Ray Burst Early Afterglows

355 2005MNRAS.361..965F
5.00008/2005A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Fan, Y. Z.; Zhang, Bing; Wei, D. M.
High-energy afterglow emission from giant flares of soft gamma-ray repeaters: the case of the 2004 December 27 event from SGR 1806-20

356 2017ApJ...844..112G
4.00008/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Gao, He; Cao, Zhoujian; Zhang, Bing
Magnetic-distortion-induced Ellipticity and Gravitational Wave Radiation of Neutron Stars: Millisecond Magnetars in Short GRBs, Galactic Pulsars, and Magnetars

357 2017PhRvD..95l3010S
4.00006/2017A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Shao, Lijing; Zhang, Bing
Bayesian framework to constrain the photon mass with a catalog of fast radio bursts

358 2017ApJ...842...23Y
4.00006/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing
Tight Constraint on Photon Mass from Pulsar Spindown

359 2016SPIE.9905E..1RF
4.00007/2016A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
Feroci, M.; Bozzo, E.; Brandt, S.; Hernanz, M.; van der Klis, M.; Liu, L.-P.; Orleanski, P.; Pohl, M.; Santangelo, A.; Schanne, S.; and 455 coauthors
The LOFT mission concept: a status update

360 2015ApJ...815...45Y
4.00012/2015A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing
On the Polarization Properties of Magnetar Giant Flare Pulsating Tails

361 2013EAS....61..177N
4.00007/2013A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Zhang, B.; Dutan, I.; Medvedev, M.; Hardee, P.; Choi, E. J.; Min, K. W.; Niemiec, J.; Mizuno, Y.; Nordlund, A.; and 4 coauthors
Radiation from accelerated particles in relativistic jets with shocks, shear-flow, and reconnection

362 2012MNRAS.422..393B
4.00005/2012A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Birnbaum, Tesla; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Liang, En-Wei
Observational constraints on the external shock prior emission hypothesis of gamma-ray bursts

363 2012IJMPS...8..259N
4.00000/2012A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Niemiec, J.; Zhang, B.; Medvedev, M.; Hardee, P.; Mizuno, Y.; Nordlund, Å.; Frederiksen, J.; Sol, H.; Pohl, M.; and 2 coauthors
Simulation of Relativistic Jets and Associated Self-Consistent Radiation

364 2009AIPC.1133..235N
4.00005/2009A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Medvedev, M.; Zhang, B.; Hardee, P.; Niemiec, J.; Nordlund, Å.; Frederiksen, J.; Mizuno, Y.; Sol, H.; Fishman, G. J.
Radiation from relativistic jets in turbulent magnetic fields

365 2005GCN..3054....1G
4.00000/2005        E                          D              C      S              U      
Giommi, P.; Capalbi, M.; Perri, M.; Tamburelli, F.; Cusumano, G.; Mangano, V.; La Parola, V.; Burrows, D. N.; Kennea, J. A.; Nousek, J. A.; and 7 coauthors
GRB 050223: swift XRT position.

366 2005GCN..3044....1C
4.00000/2005        E                                          C      S              U      
Cummings, J.; Barthelmy, S.; Barbier, L.; Cannizzo, J.; Chester, M.; Fenimore, E.; Galassi, M.; Gehrels, N.; Hullinger, D.; Krimm, H.; and 9 coauthors
GRB 050219b: Swift-BAT detection of a burst.

367 2005GCN..3032....1G
4.00000/2005        E                          D              C      S              U      
Goad, M.; Page, K.; Osborne, J. P.; O'Brien, P.; Morris, D. C.; Kennea, J. A.; Burrows, D. N.; Racusin, J. L.; Hill, J. E.; Chester, M. M.; and 22 coauthors
GRB 050215b: swift XRT source variability.

368 2018ApJ...862..130L
3.00008/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Lü, Hou-Jun; Lan, Lin; Zhang, Bing; Liang, En-Wei; Kann, David Alexander; Du, Shen-Shi; Shen, Jun
Gamma-Ray Burst/Supernova Associations: Energy Partition and the Case of a Magnetar Central Engine

369 2018ApJ...861L..12L
3.00007/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Li, Shao-Ze; Liu, Liang-Duan; Yu, Yun-Wei; Zhang, Bing
What Powered the Optical Transient AT2017gfo Associated with GW170817?

370 2018ApJ...854L..21Z
3.00002/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Zhang, Bing
FRB 121102: A Repeatedly Combed Neutron Star by a Nearby Low-luminosity Accreting Supermassive Black Hole

371 2018ApJ...854L..18Y
3.00002/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Yuan, Qiang; Liao, Neng-Hui; Xin, Yu-Liang; Li, Ye; Fan, Yi-Zhong; Zhang, Bing; Hu, Hong-Bo; Bi, Xiao-Jun
Fermi Large Area Telescope Detection of Gamma-Ray Emission from the Direction of Supernova iPTF14hls

372 2018arXiv180104061L
3.00001/2018A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Lazarian, Alex; Zhang, Bing; Xu, Siyao
Gamma-ray Bursts Induced by Turbulent Reconnection

373 2018ApJ...853...43X
3.00001/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Xu, Siyao; Yang, Yuan-Pei; Zhang, Bing
On the Synchrotron Spectrum of GRB Prompt Emission

374 2017ApJ...843..114L
3.00007/2017A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Lü, HouJun; Wang, XiangGao; Lu, RuiJing; Lan, Lin; Gao, He; Liang, EnWei; Graham, Melissa L.; Zheng, WeiKang; Filippenko, Alexei V.; Zhang, Bing
A Peculiar GRB 110731A: Lorentz Factor, Jet Composition, Central Engine, and Progenitor

375 2017JHEAp..13...22R
3.00003/2017A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Rice, Jared R.; Zhang, Bing
Cosmological evolution of primordial black holes

376 2016ApJ...833..116G
3.00012/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Geng, Jin-Jun; Zhang, Bing; Kuiper, Rolf
Propagation of Relativistic, Hydrodynamic, Intermittent Jets in a Rotating, Collapsing GRB Progenitor Star

377 2015arXiv150102772A
3.00001/2015A                      X                          C                      U      
Amati, L.; Stratta, G.; Atteia, J.-L.; De Pasquale, M.; Del Monte, E.; Gendre, B.; Götz, D.; Guidorzi, C.; Izzo, L.; Kouveliotou, C.; and 29 coauthors
Probing the emission physics and weak/soft population of Gamma-Ray Bursts with LOFT

378 2012AIPC.1505...88Z
3.00012/2012A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
GRB prompt emission: Open questions, debates, and a personal view

379 2012IAUS..279..102Z
3.00009/2012A          F  G  X              T      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing
GRB Progenitors and Observational Criteria

380 2009astro2010S.316W
3.00000/2009A          F          X              T      R  C                      U      
Williams, David A.; Falcone, A.D.; Baring, M.G.; Buckley, J.; Connaughton, V.; Coppi, P.; Dermer, C.; Fryer, C.; Gehrels, N.; Granot, J.; and 11 coauthors
What Are Gamma-Ray Bursts? The Unique Role of Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Observations

381 2008AIPC.1065...25L
3.00010/2008A      E          L                  T      R  C                      U      
Liang, En-Wei; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Zhang, Bing
Global Properties of X-ray Afterglows Observed with Swift/XRT

382 2008AIPC.1000..204L
3.00005/2008A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
Liang, Enwei; Racusin, Judith L.; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Burrows, David N.
Jet Break Candidates in the X-ray and Optical Afterglow Lightcurves

383 2008AIPC.1000..196R
3.00005/2008A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Racusin, J. L.; Liang, E.-W.; Burrows, D. N.; Falcone, A.; Morris, D. C.; Zhang, B. B.; Zhang, B.
Swift X-ray Afterglows and the Missing Jet Break Problem

384 2007RSPTA.365.1257Z
3.00005/2007        E          L                          R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing; Liang, Enwei; Gupta, Nayantara; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Virgili, Francisco; Dai, Z. G.
Messages from GRB 060218

385 2006NCimB.121.1067R
3.00010/2006A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Romano, P.; Campana, S.; Chincarini, G.; Cummings, J.; Cusumano, G.; Holland, S. T.; Mangano, V.; Mineo, T.; Page, K. L.; Pal'Shin, V.; and 28 coauthors
Panchromatic study of GRB 060124: From precursor to afterglow

386 2006A&A...451..777M
3.00006/2006A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Moretti, A.; de Luca, A.; Malesani, D.; Campana, S.; Tiengo, A.; Cucchiara, A.; Reeves, J. N.; Chincarini, G.; Pagani, C.; Romano, P.; and 23 coauthors
Swift and XMM-Newton observations of the dark GRB 050326

387 2006AIPC..836...72W
3.00005/2006A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
Wang, X. Y.; Wu, X. F.; Fan, Y. Z.; Dai, Z. G.; Zhang, B.
External shock model for the radio afterglows of giant flares from soft γ-ray repeaters

388 2005GCN..3419....1P
3.00000/2005        E                                          C      S              U      
Patel, S.; Kouveliotou, C.; Burrows, D. N.; Grupe, D.; Gehrels, N.; Meszaros, P.; Zhang, B.; Wijers, R.
Refined Chandra analysis of GRB 050509b.

389 2005GCN..3374....1H
3.00000/2005        E                                          C      S              U      
Hurkett, C.; Page, K.; Osborne, J. P.; Zhang, B.; Kennea, J.; Burrows, D. N.; Gehrels, N.
GRB 050502a: swift XRT upper limit.

390 2005GCN..3057....1G
3.00000/2005        E                          D              C      S              U      
Gronwall, C.; Blustin, A.; Brown, P.; Rosen, S.; McGowan, K.; de Pasquale, M.; Boyd, P.; Holland, S.; Still, M.; Landsman, W.; and 19 coauthors
GRB050223: no swift UVOT detection of afterglow emission.

391 2005GCN..3036....1R
3.00000/2005        E                          D              C      S              U      
Romano, P.; Perri, M.; Beardmore, A.; Mangano, V.; Burrows, D. N.; Hill, J. E.; Zhang, B.; Gehrels, N.
GRB 050219: prompt X-ray position.

392 2004AIPC..727..518G
3.00009/2004A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
Gou, Lijun; Mészáros, P.; Abel, Tom; Zhang, Bing
Detectability of Long GRB Afterglows From Very High Redshifts

393 2004AIPC..727..208Z
3.00009/2004A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing; Kobayashi, Shiho; Mészáros, Peter; Lloyd-Ronning, Nicole M.; Dai, Xinyu
Early Afterglow, Magnetized Central Engine, and a Quasi-Universal Jet Configuration for Long GRBs

394 2002MmSAI..73..516Z
3.00000/2002A          F  G  X                      R  C      S              U      
Zhang, B.
On the nature of soft gamma-ray repeaters.

395 1999ApJ...514L.111Z
3.00004/1999A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
Zhang, Bing; Hong, B. H.; Qiao, G. J.
Is Coherence Essential to Account for Pulsar Radio Emission?

396 2018JHEAp..18....1S
2.00006/2018A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
Sahu, Sarira; Zhang, Bing
On the non-detection of Glashow resonance in IceCube

397 2018ApJ...859..160W
2.00006/2018A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Wang, Xiang-Gao; Zhang, Bing; Liang, En-Wei; Lu, Rui-Jing; Lin, Da-Bin; Li, Jing; Li, Long
Gamma-Ray Burst Jet Breaks Revisited

398 2017arXiv170806357L
2.00008/2017A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Li, Zhengxiang; Gao, He; Wang, Guo-Jian; Zhang, Bing
Strongly lensed repeating Fast Radio Bursts precisely probe the universe

399 2017ApJ...845L...3D
2.00008/2017A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
Deng, Wei; Zhang, Bing; Li, Hui; Stone, James M.
Magnetized Reverse Shock: Density-fluctuation-induced Field Distortion, Polarization Degree Reduction, and Application to GRBs

400 2016MNRAS.461.3375Y
2.00009/2016A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Yuan, Qiang; Wang, Q. Daniel; Lei, Wei-Hua; Gao, He; Zhang, Bing
Catching jetted tidal disruption events early in millimetre

401 2014arXiv1412.7064N
2.00012/2014A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Hardee, P.; Dutan, I.; Zhang, B.; Meli, A.; Choi, E. J.; Min, K.; Niemiec, J.; Mizuno, Y.; Medvedev, M.; and 5 coauthors
Radiation from Particles Accelerated in Relativistic Jet Shocks and Shear-flows

402 2011AIPC.1366..163N
2.00009/2011A      E          L                  T          C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Niemiec, J.; Medvedev, M.; Zhang, B.; Hardee, P.; Nordlund, Å.; Frederiksen, J.; Mizuno, Y.; Sol, H.; Pohl, M.; and 2 coauthors
Simulation of Relativistic Shocks and Associated Self-consistent Radiation

403 2010AIPC.1279..261N
2.00010/2010A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
Nishikawa, K.-I.; Niemiec, J.; Medvedev, M.; Zhang, B.; Hardee, P.; Mizuno, Y.; Nordlund, Å.; Frederiksen, J.; Sol, H.; Pohl, M.; and 2 coauthors
Simulation of Relativistic Shocks and Associated Self-consistent Radiation